Fall 2015 Article Contest Top 10: You Pick 4 Winners

  1. We had some great articles submitted in October, November, and December. Thanks to everyone who submitted articles as well as those who read, liked and commented! We had several first-time writers. I hope you will continue to write articles and share your stories with us. We always have an article contest going on.

    It is always hard to select the top 10. That has been done and now it's your turn to help pick the Top 4 winners. The four articles with the most votes will each win $150!!!!

    Use the poll below to vote for your 4 favorite articles. You may select up to 4 articles. You must be a registered member to vote.

    The top articles in no particular order are:

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  2. Poll: Please vote for 4

    • A patient to remember.

      47.22% 17
    • The Nurse Vs The Person Inside You

      19.44% 7
    • Domestic Violence: The Elephant In The Room

      63.89% 23
    • Court Appearance and Importance of Documentation

      47.22% 17
    • Nurse Satisfaction vs. Patient Satisfaction: Can the two go hand in hand?

      30.56% 11
    • How to Survive Your First Semester of Nursing School: Things I Wish People Had Told Me

      22.22% 8
    • Wanna know what an LPN license can get you?

      27.78% 10
    • PASSED NCLEX-RN in 265 questions

      5.56% 2
    • Dear Hospital Administrators

      38.89% 14
    • Pain is not just physical!

      38.89% 14
    36 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  4. by   tnbutterfly
    Only 6 members have voted. We need more votes. This is worth $600 to the 4 winners.
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    Hey, allnurses members----- time to vote so AN Admin staff can award article writer's


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    Please cast your votes if you haven't already done so.
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    Hello, I have to read the submitted articles before giving my vote. When is the deadline due? Thanks!
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    Would be nice to see a few more votes before this closes
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    Come on, everyone. Let's see your votes!!
  10. by   tnbutterfly
    The poll is now closed for voting. Thanks to all who participated in submitting the articles and voting.

    Because there were so many great articles to choose from, it was a close race.

    And the winners are...


    And a big thank you to all who participated. Remember, the Winter Article Contest is going on now, so submit your article for a chance of winning $150.
  11. by   sirI

    Ruby Vee, Quantum Doctor2b, azhiker96 and Eschell2971
  12. by   sharpeimom
    I voted!