Cartoon Caption Contest – WIN $250! Nurses Week 2018 - page 8

Nurses Week Contest #2 Your luck just keeps getting better and so do your odds of winning! It's time for our second 2018 National Nurses Week Contest. Get creative with a caption for this wild and... Read More

  1. by   wondern
    Run for cover! It's a Phlegm Flying Factory!
  2. by   LVN_IAM
    "OH NO" can we say H -pylori at it's finest..
  3. by   luvrocknsoul
    I only have a slight cough.
  4. by   Mbv9945
    Head lice, Head lice, every where, a patient who's crying, "they are in my hair". Your backing away chanting a silent prayer, co-workers a running🏃*♀️, no longer your friends, panick sets in as the itching begins!!!!
  5. by   GetBackToClassRN
    "Dr. So-and-so, I told you that you needed a mask to take care of that patient on Droplet Precautions! Now look at you, coughing all over the nurses and other staff!!! Someone get masks, STAT!"
  6. by   EpiQueen2010
    What did I do wrong? I just gave him liquid potassium?

    Have a great day all!
  7. by   HomecareRN21
    We need a sputum culture, grab the tube STAT
  8. by   Nursedeb1989
    this is nothing, i got kids!
  9. by   pellykate
    NOW do you guys understand why doing mouth care is so important?!
  10. by   djh123
    Demon spawn requires droplet precautions, right?
  11. by   compassionresearcher
    Every time I'm trying to get out on time...they pull me back in!
  12. by   compassionresearcher
    Tell the gang I'll be a little late for happy hour.
  13. by   tining
    Skittles - Taste the Rainbow!