Allergy office job vs WIC office job


Hi Everyone!

I am a newly licensed nurse that is unsure which job offer to accept. I was recently offered a position as a nutritionalist at the WIC office, a few days later I interviewed for a RN position at an allergy office. The allergy office hours require driving to two different offices in the same day and the hours are only part time. The WIC office is full time with benefits but the pay is low. I don't know which job would be better for experience to eventually change jobs. Any advice is welcome!


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Question about the WIC program position - is it a temporarily funded grant program? That is to say, will it disappear after some time when grant funding runs out and you'll be unemployed? I've seen this happen. Also, might it be civil service?

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The WIC position also isn't a nursing position. You don't want to shoot yourself in the foot by intdntionally becoming an old grad w/ no experience


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I'm not sure about the grant funding but is a union position.. Not sure if that means anything..

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I'd take a nursing position to gain some experience. If you want to work as a nurse in the future, then working as a nurse currently would make more since in my opinion.

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*sense not since...I wish I could go back and edit...