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All the Nurse Residency Programs you ever wanted


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Just graduated and need experience in a nurse residency program? Start here... You are reading page 2 of All the Nurse Residency Programs you ever wanted. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

Iryna said:
Hi ! am looking for the RN residency program in seattle( WA) and area .. so far no success ... I am not gonna give up but slowly loosing my hope ... looks like many hospitals shut down that program( Evergreen Hospital , Northwest hospital) and other ones have limited space( UW Medicine , Providence ). Thinking to start looking outside of the state

I hear you! I graduated in June '09 joined Americorps and am still looking for a residency program in WASHINGTON STATE!!! I didn't realize how difficult it would become to find a residency program or to start working at a hospital. ANYONE, IF THERE IS ANY HOPE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Meanwhile, my search goes on...

Do these hospitals accept foreign rn's who had not sitted nclex?


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senyaless said:
do these hospitals accept foreign rn's who had not sitted nclex?

No. You have to pass the NCLEX to practice in the US. The hospitals will not even consider you if you have not passed it.


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Abrazo Health Care System in Arizona has a 3 months (6 months for ICU) nurse residency program called: New Graduate Development Program. They only accept BSN new grads who have passed NCLEX. There were 400 applicants for 32 positions in January. They have 3 programs each year.

32-35 total new grad positions in Six Hospitals in Phoenix:

Phoenix Baptist Hospital

Arizona Heart Hospital

Arrowhead Hospital

Maryvale Hospital

Paradise Valley Hospital

creative scholar said:
First time on here, starting a new thread 4 those just graduated and want expereince in a Nurse Residency Program. Most offer 1 year long residency programs for new grads.

These Residency Programs are sponsored by the UHC/AACN (University Health Systems Consortium) American Assocaition of Colleges of Nursing)

www.aacn.nche.edu/Education/nurseresidency.htm click on "Schools of Nurisng Participating in Residency Programs" or go to aacn.nche.edu/education/pdfINRFlyer.pdf but in case all that doesnt work, indulge yourself with the list below.


U. Medical Center- Arizona

U. of Colorado Hospital

U. of Kentucky Hospital

NYU Langone Med. Center

U. of Pennslyvania Hospital

U. of Utah Hospital & Clinics

U. of New Mexico- Alberquerque

U. Of Kansas Medical Center

U. of Texas Medical Branch- Galveston

Stony Brook U. Hospital Deer Park , NY

Hope this helps yall in your search.

I thought that Stony Brook University Medical Center was in Stony Brook....have they opened up a new hospital in Deer Park?

This is a very specific question but maybe someone could help. I am looking for information about the ER nurse residency program at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospitals, New York. I cant find any information online. Does anyone happen to know?


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Do any of them accept current nurses who have never worked in a hospital but want to transition to acute care?

Can anyone please tell me that how does the residency program look like? I mean how many hours per week? are all the hours in the mornings or it includes some night duties too?

I am one semester away from graduating. After that I will take state boards some where in August. Can you get residency before passing the NCLEX?

I would appreciate any input.....thanks!

Thanks very much for the helpful list. Looking for work is such a time consuming task; I would much rather be putting that time into studying for the NCLEX.

Awesome thread! I have been spending hours on the net trying to find this kind of information. Alot of the residency programs I have found seem to be only for bsn's. I am hoping to find a NICU position and am willing to re-locate, although I would prefer to stay in the southern ky, northern tenn area.

What exactly is a nursing residency program? Are the programs a way to gain experience in the nursing field as a new graduate? Also, does any one know of any nursing residency programs in Minnesota? And last question (sorry), when do you apply for them? Thanks!

rigs said:
does the RN Residency accept foreign grads? i graduated, march 2008. just passed the nclex this month.

HI rigs,,I also Graduated last 2008,and recently passed the NCLEX , are you now working in a hospital? need some tips..thanks