All Is Not Well In the Kingdom

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Wow ... all I can say is that the OM and the doc deserve each other. Scary.


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OK, guys, I need help. I filed for my unemployment, and had not heard boo from doc, with the exception of the "not being able to accommodate me for clinical hours" bit, until today. Today, unemployment called me and said that doc stated to them that I was terminated for "discussing pt records in the hall". WTH?!?!?! Even told them that I was given a warning for he same.

I told the lady in no uncertain terms that nothing of the kind had occurred, I had never received a written warning of any kind, nor a termination letter, and told her what my verbal discussions with OM and doc consisted of. I have to say I am not surprised. I'm scared, I mean, she has no proof, since it's a lie, and she's just trying to get out of paying the unemployment (she accused the last girl who filed of med mal) , but can they take action on my license because of this? I was training, doc signed the charts, but can they attack my RN licensure? I know HIPAA is a huge thing, but I also know I did not violate it, and short of getting everyone to lie for her, she'll have no proof, and even then, it'll be hearsay, she-said, she-said.

I have called my lawyer, and plan to start proceedings for libel and slander if she does not recant, and I have malpractice insurance, which I hope I don't have to use. Is there anything else I should do? Is she just blowing smoke, trying to scare me? Thanks in advance. I know, no legal advice, just comfort measures. I already plan to sue her rear end.

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OMG :eek:

Angel, your Doc is an idot. She might have made it through medical school but doesn't have the sense of a brick! This makes the corporate ****, part of me want to come rushing to your defense. I read your post and my heart started pounding, nostrils flaring! I would eat her alive for you if I could! :angryfire

Go get her! :gtch:

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