All of you that do epidurals, do women ever have Orgasms?

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I read a story under at (a British news outfit) under the "sex life" section about a doctor (I think an OBGYN) who was going to patent an implantable, electric device to stimulate orgasm in women. I believe that the article stated that he got the idea from observing some women having orgasms after the administration of epidural anesthesia. After he gets clearence he expects to get over $10,000 per procedure.

Have any of you observed this phenomina in your practice? Do you think it would also work in men?

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Never heard of such a thing, and I've taken care of a lot of people with epidurals.:eek: If this phenomenon DOES exist, however........I want some of whatever is producing that effect, thank you!:D


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"copy and pastes", but it seems to be functioning now. Also, I realize upon re-reading the story that he wasn't doing an epdural, but some sort of electrical stimulation designed to relieve (probably chronic) pain.


Remote controlled orgasms to cost £9,500

Women face a £9,500 bill if they want to have a remote controlled instant orgasm device implanted.

Orgasmatron Inventor Dr Stuart Meloy says he is confident women will fork out $17,000 for the procedure and device as millions of people spend fortunes on cosmetic surgery.

The North Carolina hospital doctor's device, which he has already patented and is trying to trademark under the name Orgasmatron, is a tiny spinal cord stimulator. A hand-held remote control turns the device on and off.

It is not unlike a pacemaker in size and function and would be permanently embedded in their lower backs.

He accidentally discovered the Orgasmatron while performing a routine pain-relief procedure. The female patient began moaning in pleasure as he directed electrical pulses into her spine.

He says he hopes around 1,000 women will come to his Winston-Salem clinic each year for such a procedure. And if demand escalated, then the business could be franchised to locations throughout the world, Meloy believes.

"Sexuality is very pivotal in the human experience and some people feel they're missing out," Dr Meloy said, alluding to the estimated 32% of women who can't achieve orgasm.

"My anticipation is that patients who try this on a temporary basis will agree that paying $17,000 is worthwhile," reports

Story filed: 13:28 Friday 19th December 2003


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Really puts a new twist on pushing someone's buttons!:eek:

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If they had epideral anesthesia, how would they know?

Silly question, just asking.

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Now if this is considered and found to be effective and theraputic can you amagin the superbowl sunday some years from now...thousands of raging fans experiencing the half time show in a whole new light..I think the expressions on the faces of the fans will be quite different...or maybe not.

enough said on this topic.


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Orgasmatron? wasn't that the name of the orgasm machine used in Woody Allen's movie, "Sleeper"?

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