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Can anyone please tell me what an aldrete score is?

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Aldrete Score is a scoring system in several categories to determine how patient is recovering from anesthesia:

Aldrete Score

Category 1:

Activity *2 Able to move 4 extremities voluntarily/on command

  • 1 Able to move 2 extremities voluntarily/on command
  • 0 Able to move 0 extremities voluntarily/on command

* Except if surgical site restricts, may be 2 extremities.

Category 2:

Respiration 2 Able to deep breathe and cough freely

  • **1 Dyspnea or limited breathing, mechanic airway
  • 0 Apneic, assisted breathing (mechanical/manual)

** Any nasal, oral, endo tube, trach tube.

Category 3:

Circulation 2 BP + 20% of preanesthetic level, stable pulse

  • 1 BP + 20-50% of preanesthetic level, variable pulse
  • 0 BP + 50% of preanesthetic level, variable pulse

Category 4:

Consciousness 2 Fully awake, oriented x3

  • 1 Arousable on calling
  • 0 Not responding, or only to pain

Category 5:

Color 2 Pink or normal

  • 1 Pale or dusky, jaundiced
  • 0 Cyanotic

Best score is usually 10/10...

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Thanks all! Now I know what it is and use it regularly. I just didn't know the name of it. Thank you!


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Did you look into perioperative nursing discussions? They might have something there for you.

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Thanks Smiling!

Learned something new today.

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Thank you SmilingBlueEyes - I learned something I wouldn't have otherwise been exposed to for a while!

Have a great day!


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The original Aldrete Score is no longer used in post aneshesia care units (PACUs). The last category which addresses color is not a good indicator of oxygenation.

The modified Aldrete score is now being used which addresses oxygenation:

Oxygen Saturation

SpO2 > 92% 2

SpO2 92% or greater

with supplemental O2 1


supplemental O2 0

A score of 9 or return of pre-anesthesia status is usually required for a patient to be discharged from the PACU.

A current post anesthesia book will have an explanation of this scoring system.

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2015: Info on how to use, scoring and PACU discharge criteria available at : Modified Aldrete Score Calculator


Modified Aldrete score calculator evaluates availability for discharge after anesthesia from the PACU by patient abilities and results

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