Necessities of relocating to Juneau

  1. Hello All!

    I'm currently a nurse in NYC. While it definitely has its charm, I just can't shake the unnerving feeling of how much I'd rather be outdoors.. exploring.. horse back riding.. skiing. And believe me, it's hard to ski down Wall Street without any snow or hijack a horse from the New York Police Dept. (for the record, those are the only horses around here.. unless you count the carriage horses that take you around Central Park.. but that would be too much effort).

    I was wondering if somebody could tell me a little about Juneau. Not so much the environment.. I've gotten that much from other threads. Also, housing isn't so much of a worry if I go with American Mobile or another travel company. How about... what type of car would you need year-round? What are the people like? Are they laid back? Are there good hospitals in the area? Mainly I would be traveling as an ER nurse.. are there trauma centers? I see Bartlett Regional Hospital... anybody with experiences from there?

    On the site.. I have to admit.. the typical hard-core businessman never appealed to me. Get me a guy in a pair of ski pants and goggles or camping gear and I'm set for life. Of course, though.. that's has nothing to do with nursing.....

    I'm ready to live life now!
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  3. by   akspudus
    From New York to Juneau. Quite the transition. I moved from Juneau to Miami....what a change. I grew up in Juneau. I'm now attending nursing school in Miami.

    Juneau only has one hospital. Bartlet Regional Hospital. There are a couple of nursing facilities, but other than that....Bartlett is it. For the most part, the ER is quiet. It isn't a trauma center, but serves as a facility to stabilize patients prior to them being transferred to a trauma center in either Anchorage or Seattle via Learjet. If I remember correctly, the ER has less than a dozen chairs in the waiting room.
    Bartlett is in the middle of a multi phase remodel. Well, to be honest, they have been in the process of remodelling ever since I originally moved to Juneau in 1982.
    As for the people and community. 55 MPH is the speed limit on Egan Drive (the one and only 4 lane highway and main thoroughfare)...most people drive about 50 MPH. If the people of Juneau are anything, they are laid back.
    If you are planning on moving to Juneau for a year, you can easily find a used car. Something with 4 wheel drive. Subarus are very popular.

    If the outdoors is your thing, Juneau is a great place. Make friends with someone who has a boat.
    Google Tongass National Forest Cabins. There are quite a few forest service cabins scattered around Alaska. You can hike into eight of them from the Juneau road system. If you are willing, able and skilled in tent camping, there is an endless amount of terrain to visit and enjoy. Just remember you are in rain country and not to make plans "weather dependant".

    Anyhow, I can go on for hours and hours about Southeast Alaska and Juneau. Feel free to send me a private message if you have more questions.

  4. by   Alaskagirl71
    I'm a current resident of Juneau - and a nursing student. Bartlett is our main hospital, and they are almost done with a huge remodel. The hospital really looks nice - the ER has doubled in size, the OB floor is beautiful. Med/Surg still isn't done.

    Juneau is a gorgeous place to live, a great place to raise kids, wonderful if you like outdoor activities, is VERY expensive to live here. I'm from Oregon originally, and I was amazed at how expensive it was to live here. Rentals of a 3 bedroom home typically run about 1300-1500/mo or more. My house payment was 970 in Oregon, so you can see why I was shocked. New homes are 400k + and they are pretty standard homes in my opinion.
  5. by   akvarmit
    Hey Alaskagirl - thanks for your replies here on the board! We are planning a relocation to Juneau in less than year, hope to be there by April or May next year.
    (I lived in Alaska when I was in the service years ago and my hubby is a snow sports lover)
    I'm looking forward to being somewhere more laid back and out of the way from the lower 48.
    Dawn in PA
  6. by   Alaskagirl71
    Well, Juneau is certainly "laid back"! In fact, that's a huge reason why I love it here! We laugh about being "on time" somewhere vs. being on "Juneau Time."
  7. by   Mbshil
    Your biggest necessity would be a pair of rainboots, or what Alaskan's would call Alaskan tennis shoe's. It rains a lot especailly in Juneau. Weather can be very depressing. But the two weeks of summer are quite beautiful.
    You also need a four wheel drive vehicle.The city will plow the roads downtown ( where the legislature are) always first, and if you live in the valley , you are screwed, or you might not get plowed at all. Or they plow right after you got done shoveling or snowblowing , and they leave you with a huge wall of snow in front of your house.
    I have found that the people are quite "cliquey" , Oh gosh is that even a word! Anyway, the transition can be quite harsh for teenagers.The Juneau High school has a reputation for being brutal, especially to newcomers.
    The most of the staff at BArtlett are Philippinos, and are not welcoming to newcomers either.No Trauma, Their so called CCU/ICU holds 4 beds ! Anything out of the normal goes to Seattle or Anchorage.With ER experience you would be bored stiff there.
  8. by   jeffreyorbit
    all good advice!