Moving back to Alaska

  1. Hi everyone, hope everyone had happy holidays! well I just wanted to update my situation and maybe help anyone else out there that may have run into simular situations.

    I currently live in Texas I graduated with my ADN back in 2011. When I applied to the Texas board they placed stipulations on my license for a insufficient funds misdemeanor back in 2009. It took them about 8 months to decide and then I took my NCLEX last Jan. needless to say I didnt pass. I have spent the last year going through the grieving process and have decided its time to try again, but this last year I also decided I no longer wanted to live in texas. I have also felt held to texas do to the stipulations on my license. So I called Alaska's state board and asked if there was anyway to get around this. They said I could withdraw my application to texas and reapply to Alaska but that they would have to evaluate my situation... which im ok with, im assuming ill have simular if not the same stipulations that are currently in place but at least ill be in the state I want to live in. So I'm super excited and just wanted to share my experiance
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  3. by   Lovelymo79
    I hope everything worked out well for you
  4. by   tewdles
    Good luck!
    As you know, Alaska needs more good nurses.
    And it is a good time to return...someone just turned the lights back on!
  5. by   Soon2BNmay
    thank you lovelymo79 and tewdles, my plans to move have been delayed awhile for financial reasons but i am looking forward to making that move one day