fairbanks memorial as a new grad????

  1. hello i am a new grad just got here a week ago from the state of MD my husband is a 2nd lt and we got stationed to fort wainwright. now as a new grad i must look for a job and it seems the only options i have is fairbanks memorial. does anyone know the starting salery as a new grad on any unit. im just trying to get a job i do have some externship experience in the mother/baby unit for about 8months. but it seems those type of positions are not open. im just trying to gain experience and is wondering what is the hospital like and what to expect. thanks.so far ive applied to all i think i would kinda enjoy such as med/surg, pacu, long term care.
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    I'm bumping this thread so the OP can get an answer. I'd like to know as well
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    pay increments every year, w/ bonuses on how well the facility does annually
    Last year the bonus was 400$
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    I will be moving to Fairbanks in summer 2009 after I graduate from nursing school. Does anyone know how many openings FMH typically has for new grads? Any information would be helpful. Thanks!
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    Fairbanks just graduated 16 students and 15 got a job at FMH. They did however go through the program in Fairbanks and received their clinical experience at FMH which probably gives them a hand up over out of state new grads. Fairbanks is not suffering the RN job shortage as bad a Anchorage though. I know right now that the women's center could probably use some post partum RN's.