Cell Phone Service in Anchorage and Surrounding Area

  1. Hello All!

    I will be moving to the Anchorage area in December '10 because I will be stationed at Elmendorf AFB. I currently have AT&T. It appears that I will have some sketchy service covering Anchorage, Eagle River, and possibly Wasilla. Verizon's coverage map looks a bit better. I also read about an Alaskan Cell phone service that is even better? I'd like to stick with a service that is reliable enough to use without getting a land line. I would also like a service that I could use when on leave in the lower 48. Any feedback/advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   kminak
    I also have AT&T and have no problems with service up here. I live in Eagle River.... I even had service near Denali National Park which is the middle of nowhere, Alaska. I would stick with AT&T.
  4. by   caliotter3
    I got a wrong number call on my cell from somewhere in Alaska a few days back. Don't know if it was a landline or a cell phone. I was quite surprised and would be even more surprised to find out that the call originated from a cell phone.
  5. by   rotteluvr31
    My husband lives in Juneau and I'm in the mid-west. He also has At&T. The only time we have never had service was when he was on the ferry from Seattle last year.
  6. by   AKav8trix
    Even though this thread was from last summer, I thought I'd chime in if someone else was wondering about this. I know several ppl with AT&T up here and even in remote areas they get decent coverage. I kept my Verizon plan when I moved up here and since they have an agreement with ACS (the largest AK cell phone company with the best coverage in the state) to use their towers, we get really good coverage without roaming charges. I hear Verizon will be moving up to AK sometime in the future. Data coverage is decent too, even a long ways from the metro areas.

    I've only been on the Kenai peninsula, Anchorage area, Matsu, and up the Glenn and Richardson highways so far. Except for the scattered expected no-service areas b/c you're down in a big hole in the middle of nowhere, I've been able to use my phone in most areas along the highway corridors.
  7. by   snowiebella
    My A T&T service/cell phone works well in Anchorage and the Matsu Valley and it is a pay as you go inexpensive phone.