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  1. by   beach_bride514
    but.... There isn't anything wrong with having cows in your backyard
  2. by   matchsticktgt
    nope, there isn't daughter keeps begging for a miniature cow...I made the mistake of showing her a picture of one, trying to distract her from the begging for the pig...sigh...mission failed
  3. by   matchsticktgt
    Quote from Ellean55
    Its funny because half of my family live in the states, and when I talk to them they say they have never experienced racist/sexist attitudes. They said they felt more at home in the US than they did in Britian.
    From personal experience I've seen more of the sexist attitudes...and that's not pretty either. I'd like to believe that we've come a long way...I know my neighbors are a lot more diverse than the area I grew up in.....and I've found that I really do prefer it that way...makes life more interesting for my family