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Is anyone waiting on letters from Jeff State for Fall "09???????:zzzzz... Read More

  1. by   Lucy G
    I bought the book "calculate with confidence" on old copy and just started it. I also bought The series Nursing Made Incredibly Easy in "intro to Pharmacology" and "Health Assessment". I have started working the math book and am picking through the other. I AM IN FOR THE CPR IN HOOVER IF YOU GET A CLASS TOGETHER.....PLS let me know PM me! Would it be a health care workers certified course? You can also do then with the Red Cross. I have the Person who coordinates the classes card in my car...I will post later. She was at my gym a few weeks ago doiing a community class. I think she has a Health Care worker class in July and I think I remember her saying it was around $75

    I have applied for 1st choice night program because I could really use to keep working, but my company is about to go through a territory re-allignment and my job may be on the, my days may just be free again....
  2. by   almostfearless
    If you pay $75 for healthcare CPR, you're being cheated. Mine was free because my dad is a cop in the same town, but he was charging everyone else in the class $5.

    I still need to get all my vaccines. Not looking forward to that.
  3. by   Lucy G
    I know there are some cheaper ways to do it...I think it is a convenience factor to go to the Red Cross and take there class that is pre-arranged and scheduled months in advance on a certain day. PLUS some of us have to do it on a Saturday.
  4. by   csmithrn2b
    The Hoover Fire Station located in Inverness offers CPR for Healthcare, the first Saturday of every month. It's free for Hoover residents, and the cost for non-residents is $25.00 I think. You can access the information from the city of Hoover's web site. I hope this helps.
  5. by   alarn84
    I put the part time program as my only choice and if I don't get in this time then I will just have to figure out a way to apply for the full time that starts in January. I would really love to just get in the part time progam because I could keep my job. I think that we will need the CPR certification before we start classes so whenever we can get it would be great. A lot of people have told me about the Hoover Fire Dept. so let me know if you think you can get us a time to do it. Is it an all day class? I have looked at all of the "Nursing Made Incredibly Easy" books and they seem like they would be helpful. I am thinking about ordering some of those online. It will give me something to do while I patiently wait to hear something.
  6. by   Fashionista1218
    Ya'll I'm so confused. So I emailed ******* like a week or so ago and she said letters would not be coming out until middle or end of July. Then I thought I'd email the other pre-nursing advisor to see what she said and she emailed me this past Tuesday and said that letters would be coming out the end of June. So, is everyone pretty certain it's going to be next week?? I'm so nervous and I'm tired of waiting =) Also, I've registered for the CPR class for July I'm just hoping it isn't the 4th. Do we have to be CPR certified before classes start?
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  7. by   alarn84
    Which advisor told you that it would be the end of June??? B/C ******* also told me that it would be July and she made it sound like it would be middle July......I would really like to know when to start looking for the letter. I think that we have to be CPR certified before the first day of class. Where are you getting your certification?
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  8. by   Fashionista1218
    It was the lady at the Jefferson campus, ******** *******. I feel like maybe ******* is saying mid-end of July so that if they take longer they won't be harassed by phone calls and emails wondering why they are late. Haha. I'm just hoping and praying it is next week.
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  9. by   alarn84
    I know that last year the letters were sent the last week of June. So, if that is the way that it will be this year then we should receive our letters some time next week.
  10. by   jurac29
    I talked with the nursing dept. last Teusday, (6/23) and she said it would probably be beginning of this coming week. So I'm hoping that the letters are here by the end of the week at the latest. She specifically said "any day now." Is anyone else eating, breathing, sleeping, nursing school right now, or is it just me?
  11. by   Fashionista1218
    I'm so anxious to know, hopefully it'll be this week. Are any of you studying yet and if so what books are you using?? I'm doing nothing all summer so I feel like I should study or do something to get ahead.
  12. by   Lucy G
    i found this on the city of hoover website...

    the city of hoover fire department conducts cpr training classes on the first, second and third saturdays of each month. these classes are open to the general public and are held at fire station seven, located at 100 inverness center parkway off of highway 280 near valleydale road. the classes are not held at the hoover public safety center.
    ******* the saturday, june 20th, 2009 course is full. *******there are different levels of cpr training. you should choose the class and time that best suits your needs.
    course descriptions:

    heartsaver/aed cpr: this class targets all participants other than professional health care providers. this course provides cpr training for infant, child, and/or adult resuscitation and use of the automated external defibrillator (aed). this class is held on the second and third saturdays of each month at 9:00 am lasting approximately 3 hours. this class is free to hoover residents and businesses. there is a $20 charge for non-residents and businesses.
    health care provider cpr: this class is designed for a health care provider such as an rn, emt, etc. this course requires completion of a written examination, and provides cpr training for infant, child, and adult resuscitation. this class is held on the first saturday of each month at 9:00 am and lasts approximately 4 hours. this class is free to hoover residents and businesses. there is a $20 charge for non-residents and businesses.
    persons needing health care provider cpr certification may also take the online version at: upon completion of the online course, bring the printed certificate to any of our scheduled classes for skills testing and completion of the course. this is a very cost effective way of renewing your health care provider cpr. we do not charge any fees for skills testing only.
  13. by   Fashionista1218
    I called the nursng dept at the shelby campus and they said middle of July. Who did ya'll talk to that said it would be this week??

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