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  1. is anyone familiar with jefferson davis community college in brewton? i've applied and am awaiting my answer which should come by late october. wish me luck!!
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  3. by   presnall4
    I am currently attending JD and will have all but three pre req's completed after this semester. I am applying for the nursing program for spring. Let me know if you get in...hope you do!
  4. by   tabacue
    You should do a search for Jefferson Davis to find other posts...that is what I did. I have heard pretty good things about their program. I applied for Fall, but didn't get in and I have applied again for January...still not sure if I will make it. I made a 98 on the Compass test, but the first time I only had A&P 1 complete so I had 118 points. Now, I have A&P I and 2 done so I will have 138. I finish Micro at PJC in December, so it won't count towards my points. I am thinking I might make it to an alternate list this time...a previous message thread mentioned having 139 and becoming an alternate but unfortunately she didn't get in. I am keeping my fingers crossed though...I live about 20 minutes from Brewton and Atmore so it would be very convenient for me. I also applied at Faulkner State and PJC (but I still need College Algebra for PJC). I just REALLY want to get in somewhere in January.

    Good luck!
  5. by   Honeybee737
    i am finishing micro at pjc in december as well, so we're pretty much in the same position. i wonder if we're in the same micro class, i have walker at warrington on m & w. that would be small world!
    i wish you luck, let me know when you find out.
  6. by   Bella36RN
    I graduated from the RN program at Jefferson Davis in the Fall of 2007 and currently work as an RN here in Alabama. I think it was a good program. The teachers really were good at explaining things and the harder they were...the more you learned. I enjoyed going there. Some clinicals were in Pensacola at Sacred Heart, which was a travel for me, but it was a good experience at such a big hospital and I learned a lot there.
  7. by   presnall4
    Hi Bella36RN

    Thanks for "speaking" with is always wonderful to talk to someone who can relate & possibly answer questions...I am going to "friend" you if that is okay.

    Do you remember what your total points were when you were accepted into the nursing program?

    Do you mind if I ask where you work now? What floor/dept? How do you like it? How does the stress of nursing compare to the stress of nursing school?

    The higher the goal, the harder the climb -- the sweeter the success!
  8. by   Bella36RN
    Hi. I did the accelerated program at Jefferson Davis. I was an LPN and went through the RN program. I t was the first year they were doing it and they chose 7 LPNs that had just graduated to be their "guinea pigs" and I was one of them (which I was very grateful for). I live in Greenville, Al...a small town about an hour and a half north of Brewton. I work at a small hospital here. It was a good starter hospital. I work night shift charge nurse on med surg floor and we really work together as a team to help each other out. The stress of nursing school was much greater for me because i had/have test anxiety, but nursing has its stress as well! A lot of the times I am the only RN on med surg...leaving me to do all the pushes, all the admits, and (oh, and im house supervisor) go to pharmacy, medical records, and purchasing when anybody from any unit needs something....all while having 5 patients of my own. So, it definitly is stressful but being a nurse is the best thing in the world. To make someone smile when they sad or to just be there to comfort is all worth it. If you have anymore questions about it, I would be glad to answer them!
  9. by   tabacue
    Honeybee - somehow I missed your post. I have Campbell for Micro on Sat at Warrington. Makes for a long day - 8:00 am - 2:30! Lecture is from 9:30-12:30 with lab before and after.
  10. by   Honeybee737
    Thanks for you input, Bella...There are a few of us that have been corresponding and are waiting to hear from JD. And I'm sure I can speak for Presnall and Tabacue and myself, as well that it's helpful to get any information we can from someone who has "been there". But I think Presnall already said that.:yeahthat:...Applications close this week...let's keep in touch.
  11. by   Honeybee737
    i just called jeff davis and spoke to the woman who answered at student services, she said it would probably be two more weeks before we hear anything. the waiting is driving me crazy...has anyone else heard a more positive time frame?
  12. by   tabacue
    UGH!!! I haven't heard anything...I know they have a lot of candidates, but it seems like they would have a database that would calculate everything and even issue the letters. I am leaning toward going to Jax for Florida State College's program in May. Not feeling that my chances of getting in at JDCC are that good and I can't wait until August. Driving me crazy too!!
  13. by   tabacue
    i had a question about my packet so i wanted to make sure it was submitted properly. ok, so i don't know what this means exactly but i will be waiting on pins and needles to get the actual letter!!!


    according to my records, your nursing application packet was complete and you are on the list for consideration for the spring 2010 class.

    good luck

  14. by   presnall4
    hmmmmmm.....can't wait!

    The higher the goal, the harder the climb -- the sweeter the success!