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I thought I would pass along some info I recieved this morning for those of us waiting to hear back from Calhoun. I recieved this info from a press release at the chamber of commerce (I am a member... Read More

  1. by   NanaD
    She said only students accepted in the program will complete the request for a background investigation. But to not do it until informed to do so by the Nursing Dept, and acceptance letters should be distributed by mid June.
  2. by   VSBlonde
    I can't charge my books to my loan account until the 27th, which totally bites. I'm excited though!
  3. by   LiveLoveLearn
    I worry about not getting in. I have a plan B and a plan C just in case!! I'm so tired of worrying, too. If only we could know right away whether or not we even come close to getting in. I applied to nursing school last October, for Fall 2009. Recently, we relocated and now I'm panicking about childcare since I don't know anyone in the town. Good luck to you!
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  4. by   beach_bride514
    The only other plan that I have is to get an A in A&P1, A&P2, and micro before next april. So I can apply again...

    LLL...good luck to you also! and welcome to the area!
  5. by   VSBlonde
    Honestly, Laura_ann, I'll be shocked if you don't get in. You have more points than I do. I seem to be straddling the line, but I'll just have to see. If I already had the Micro grade, I'd feel more confident. But I can't beat myself up over what I should have done & didn't do already.
  6. by   VSBlonde
    Ok, call me a total dork, but one of my classes is in the health building. I was walking down the hall that had the nursing labs in it and it totally made me want to be in there SO bad!!
  7. by   beach_bride514
    HAHA!! DON'T feel sister is home from college at bama and I brought her to Calhoun the other day just to show her and my dad the building and everything!!...we can be dorks together.
  8. by   flipgator
    so they gonna start sending out those letters by mid june? i hope i get in...i got As on all BIO of 180+....good luck girls...btw, someone who is currently a student at calhoun nursing told me to go elsewhere...bec of restructuring and the teachers are not that good....i have applied at both wallace state and calhoun tho....
  9. by   VSBlonde
    I e-mailed the head of the program to ask if both the fall & spring students selected were going to come from the pool of applicants that were due April 1 or if there would be another application point for the Spring. She said they are all coming from the April 1 pool. I was hoping if I didn't get in this fall, I'd have a chance to use my points from this summer to boost my chances for the Spring. Oh well, I guess it's 100% out of my hands now.
  10. by   NanaD
    Letter received today!
  11. by   beach_bride514
    Yeah, congrats!! So....what now?
  12. by   ktaylor9366
    Hey girls.. I was accepted into the delayed progression and I have the same question: when do we regester for classes? does that happen on orientation?
  13. by   momof3crazyboys
    We all have to wait for orientation! Sure is going to be a long wait - I am ready to get started!