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I thought I would pass along some info I recieved this morning for those of us waiting to hear back from Calhoun. I recieved this info from a press release at the chamber of commerce (I am a member... Read More

  1. by   momof3crazyboys
    LOL....I know what you mean!

    My chem class is 9am - 4pm on Thursdays......just that one day at least. That will have lab and theory all wrapped up in one day. I just pray I don't forget everything by the next week! LOL!
  2. by   beach_bride514
    Aw! I'm sure you'll do fine! Do you know what chemistry class it is? The thing I hated about doing calhoun chemistry through high school was it was so fast paced! I had it last semester. Aug-Dec for an hour and a half M-F and the first 9 weeks was CHM111 the next 9weeks was CHM112. So if I just had one a semester I could have had time to learn it. I've forgotten some of it!!
  3. by   VSBlonde
    I was trying to start a family until this unemployment crap threw a wrench in things. I figured it was the door opening for me to go back to school & even though I'm stressed, I feel blessed to have this chance. I guess being a "grown-up" for a while, I realize how important college is and how not to take this opportunity that I have for granted.

    I only get to count the 2 A&P classes towards my points since I'm taking Micro this summer. That's what bums me out. If I don't get in, the only thing that's holding me back is the points from that class.

    I know how incredibly stressful Nursing is going to be on us. X-ray school was no cake-walk & they did their best to make us quit if we weren't up to par. But we WANT to be there are as opposed to some people who are just picking a major thinking they will slide by.

    I may call the Nursing Dept next week & ask them when letters usually go out just to see what they say.
  4. by   beach_bride514
    I'm sorry about the unemployment & not being about to count micro points! I'm sure there's still hope keep smiling!

    My family keeps telling me how hard nursing school will be, but they totally support it. My friends tell me I'm too young and shouldn't have everything figured out yet and I need to take the summer off to have fun. I'm SICK of hearing that!! I know what I want out of life.

    I don't doubt that it will be very stressful and involve TONS of nights at home studying, but being a nurse is what I've always wanted to be. Sure, I'm sick of school right now (especially all the pettiness, drama, & immature people) but I'll actually WANT to be there taking these college classes.
  5. by   VSBlonde
    There's nothing wrong with knowing what you want to do with your career. I was the same way.
  6. by   beach_bride514
    thanks for that comment!

    & happy mother's day momof3!
  7. by   momof3crazyboys
    Thank you, Laura Ann! Happy Mother's day to all the mom's out there!

    Now I am off to collect on my present and get a pedicure....aaahhhh, relaxation and quiet!
  8. by   beach_bride514
    yall I'm honestly starting to freak out. I hate being worried all the's so not like me..
  9. by   VSBlonde
    Better get used to that feeling. I know what you mean, I've planned everything out on the assumption that I'm getting in and I don't have plan B.
  10. by   beach_bride514
    Neither do I!!! but I'm happy again today. I went to get my anatomy book! The lady at the bookstore said that it would be LATE June or early July instead of mid-June when the letters go out! I wanted to scream!!!
  11. by   momof3crazyboys
    Oh no!! And here I thought mid-June was brutal enough to make us wait!
  12. by   NanaD
    Waiting to hear news about Fall 09 program. My fingers are crossed and crossed again. Regarding the post above that mentioned having talked to the lady in the bookstore..... I would say consider the source. I would not give much thought to how much information she really knows. I called the nursing department Thursday regarding the background check information they posted. I asked if the lady who answered the phone when we should know about acceptances. She said mid June. I would think if they are trying to get an earlier start this year, they have already been charting each applicant and the point system since the apps have been accepted since Jan. I would imaging they are just filling in the blanks from those applicants who are in the Biology classes in the spring so they can get their total points in. If they have their duckies in a row, they should have a good idea by now of who will be accepted. I was told previously that they were trying to be earlier this year due to almost running out of time and scrambling last summer in receiving background info, immunizations, etc. right up to time of classes starting.

    Lets all just pray and keep positive vibes and thoughts going and hopefully the wait will be over in the next few weeks.
  13. by   beach_bride514
    what information did the lady give in regards to the background checks??

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