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Hello Everyone. I am applying to the RN program at Jeff State for the Fall Semester of 2011. I just wanted to see what everyone's scores were that applied and also the scores of those who have... Read More

  1. by   lsk40
    Okay guys so I just got back from UAB my mom recieved an excellence in nursing award so I got a chance to talk to some of her friends that are divison heads and they all told me the same thing UAB won't let them hire ASNs one of her friends was like what school are you going to I said jeff state and she was like aww man when you finish you need to just keep going to get your BSN they are not letting us hire ASNs right now but the good thing is other hospitals will hire ASNs
  2. by   lsk40
    I plan on starting JSU next summer I took most of my pre reqs I just have pre cal left so I will take that next spring all the other hospitials have no problem with ASNs I run into lot of jeff state grads at clinicals and all the NMs say they will hire new ASNs grads
  3. by   sirI
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  4. by   busymom35
    Ok I just turned my application in for the nursing program at Jeff State. I was told I should know something in about 4-6 weeks. I also turned one in at Wallace State as a backup. Now all I can do is wait....... Anyone else turned in a application yet? I hate waiting!!!!!!!!
  5. by   futurernjap
    Congrats! Good luck! Wallace us a great school. I've heard jeff state and wallace is about equal! Actually I would love to attend Wallace if I wasn't starting jeff state this summer! My back up school was bevill! I bet you get in BOTH! did u apply for full time at jeff sate or the part time option?
  6. by   busymom35
    Thanks futurernjap!!! This will probably be the longest 4-6 weeks of my life. but I am very excited. I applied with 207.5 points so hopefully I will get accepted at one of these schools. I have heard good things about both. But I am use to Jeff State (Shelby Campus) since this is where I have taken all my pre-reqs. But I applied for the full time position. I will be so glad to find out something!!!!!!!
  7. by   n2nursn
    I was wondering has anyone heard anything from either Wallace State or Jeff State? I so hate the waiting game!!!!!!
  8. by   busymom35
    Hello n2nursn, I checked my mail today and just received my letter accepting me to Wallace. I also applied to Jeff State(That is where i have taken all my pre reqs) It will probably be another week to three weeks before we hear from Jeff State. Jeff State is alot closer to me than Wallace so if I get accepted there I will probably go there. But I am soooooooo happy and excited that I have been accepted to one of the schools I applied too.

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