Anyone in RN program at Central Al Comm College in Childersburg????

  1. Hi all,
    I am starting to think about CACC Childersburg as a backup plan if I do not get into Jeff State. Just wondering

    -what do you all think of the program?
    -What is your schedule like the first term?
    (first term is the only term I would have to take 3 classes--all I will be taking is the Nur classes, I have EVERYTHING else. I am thinking in terms of how many days I will have to drive to Childersburg--I'm about 35 miles away.)

    -Those further along, where have your clinical's been?

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  3. by   Cooper1
    I am in the RN program right now and it is a everyday program. Here is my schedule.
    Mon, Lab 7:30 -10:20
    Tues Pharm 12:00 -2:50
    Wed - 7:30 -10:20
    Thurs - 8:00 - 3:00
    Fri - Clinicals.

    This is just the first semester and I am ONLY taking nursing classes, so I'm sure it will be more intense the longer your in. I really like the teachers. Some of my friends of coarse have different views but I think they are fair. So fare I've made 2 A's and a B on all my test so I'm happy. I have learned you have to study like it's the big final every day. The Teachers at CACC have been there for a long time so I believe they know what their doing.

    I hope this helps in some way.
  4. by   magnolia3957
    That really helps alot!!!! and it is a breath of fresh air...from what I keep hearing about JS!!
  5. by   CardioTrans
    Man have things changed!!!

    When I went through the program at CACC it was class 7:30-4:00 three days a week and clinicals from 6:30-3:00 the other two days a week. And that was ONLY the nursing classes!

    Of course, when I went there, the school of nursing was at the hospital in Sylacauga.
  6. by   greysanatomyfan
    So far I am in school Mon-Thursday and have clinicals on Friday. Keep in mind this is my first semster. Some people only have class on Tuesday and Thursday and have clincals either Friday or Saturday. So plan on traveling either three days or more. Hope this helps!!

    As far as the teachers go....some are good while others are kind of disorganized, however I am enjoying it so far. I do feel like I am having to do a lot of stuff myself, but they say that is how you are supposed to feel because we are "adults" now and have to look for things on our own.
  7. by   autigermommy
    I am going to apply to CACC for Fall next year (I hate that they only accept once a year), but will be applying to JSCC for Summer with 194 points so CACC will be a last resort!

    I have learned that no matter what the actually school has, the nursing part (which has a different address) requires you to send everything to them also, even though they don't tell you that in the application!
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  8. by   Mommy_of_3_in_AL..RN
    I am in my last semester at CACC Rn right now. Needless to say, i have been both pleased and displeased with the program. There was a lot of turmoil when i first started because the lead instructor came down with cancer and passed away, and they had to hurry to fill the instructor position for my pharm and health assesment classes. I feel like i didnt get the instruction i needed, and learned that in nursing, there is a lot of self study. I managed though, and have not yet failed a class. I entered in the delayed program which allowed me to stretch it over 7 semesters rather than 5, which was great since i have children and a home to care for as well. I only took nursing classes, because i took my basics before i got in. I dont remember what my schedule was like in the beginning, but its safe to say that you will have to go to class at least twice a week, at least in the beginning. I go once now, from 8-3. Clinicals are everywhere. I have been so far to Sylacauga, Anniston, Alex City, Childrens, St Vincents, Hillcrest, Brookwood, and Shelby. I think thats all. I am doing preceptor at Brookwood and absolutely love it. The instructors for the most part are great, although everyone will have their own opinions. I would advise that you take the time to get to know your teacher rather than take someone elses opinion, because the one instructor that i feared based on what everyone told me turned out to be the one that i adore most, and has taught me the most. Its a smaller more intimate program that Jeff State, and i feel that i will be adequately prepared when i graduate in December. I live about 45 miles from the school, but it was where i was accepted, so i went there. If you need anything let me know!! I will be glad to help!!
  9. by   magnolia3957
    thanks for the info..
    I have to make a choice. I cannot get in JS unless I retake a class I made a b in and get an a.
    or I have to cough up the money to go to UAB b/c I can get in there 2nd degree program.

    Do you think I could get in CACC with 180 points?
    It is about a 40-45 min drive for me.
  10. by   autigermommy
    you can get in CACC with those points....but you have to remember that they use your GPA (assuming you took classes there) for the 11 points....
  11. by   Cooper1
    I surely beleive you will get in with those points! We would LOVE to have you!!!
  12. by   MsAlleyKatt
    Hey, I'm not sure why you can't get in with a "b". From what I was told as long as you make a "C" better you still stand a chance of being accepted. I'm not sure who advised you but. Go ahead and apply everywhere. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. I am going to apply for the summer and and fall programs at lawson, wallace, jeff state and I have no clue on how to get to the school you guys are talking about. But I was told the samething.
  13. by   magnolia3957
    Thanks for the complement!!!
    All of this really bothers me with Jeff State. To think that people like me..with all A's &B's, a 3.04 gpa and a BA in Philosophy Science from UAB cannot get in Jeff State. These schools REALLY need to do something to expand there programs.

    Well, I may see yall at Cacc in the fall!

    OH--is it possible you get your clinical's in Birmingham at Cacc?
  14. by   Mommy_of_3_in_AL..RN
    Most of my first year clinicals were in sylacauga and alex city with a few at childrens or hillcrest. Second year are mostly at Brookwood, St Vincents, Shelby, Childrens, Sylacauga, and Anniston. You have no say in where your clinicals are. You are placed in a clinical group at the first of the semester, and then that group is assigned a clinical track. Each group may have totally different clinical instructors and sites, since there are several adjunct staff they use for clinicals. It is a toss up from the begining, and from experience, they really dont care how far you have to drive. they pretty much tell you to get over it. I hate to sound so negative, and i love the school, but they arent very flexible where that is concerned.
    As far as having a B in the class..i would think that would be FINE. The first time i applied to the program, although i thought i had a 3.8 GPA from Montevallo, i did not. Come to find out, i had not "properly" withdrawn and was given an F in all my i had a 1.3 GPA. It took me a year of taking basics and i got up to a 2.54. I applied again, knowing it was a long shot, and was wait listed. The called me during orientation and offered me a spot. Come to find out later, I was the last on the waiting list..meaning i BARELY got it. But i did, and have maintained since then. So good luck!!!