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Air Force NTP 2014


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Med-surg 4 years! Are any of you guys currently working as a nurse while you are waiting to hear back from the air force??

I worked for a year as an lpn while I got my rn and a yr as an rn in long term care while I worked on my bsn. I graduated last month, so now I'm continuing working in ltc until I hear how the selections went.

I've worked as a cna for 2 years in medical oncology and cardiac icu. I was previously active duty navy for 10 years as a helocopter rescue swimmer.


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Just got off the phone with my recruiter (for New England)

He confirmed the delays, with no set date when the list will be released. Sounds like we are waiting for the Surgeon General to confirm the needs for the next fiscal year. Once that is done, this list (which is probably already made) will be released with the set names on the top of the list. So we wait for the SG...

MadeInMaine--You are right, the selections have already been made, just not released. We are just waiting for the proposed numbers to be signed off by the higher-ups.

stack-- I am currently working as a summer camp nurse. I recently turned down a Labor & Delivery position while waiting to hear back about NTP.

ssenak-- I did find NCLEX pretty challenging. I had a lot of questions on material that I would have never thought to study!! (not trying to scare you). However, I took the Hurst review, and studied for 2 weeks straight before taking my boards. I passed after 75 questions. You can do it!!! I am glad that you have enjoyed your time in the Air Force. I am hoping so badly to be selected...as for now we will all just have to do as the Military says, "hurry up and wait"!

Anyone else slowly losing their mind?? Lol I don't think I've ever experienced anxiety like this.


haha yeah I think I lost my mind after we didn't find out on Monday! All we can do is wait... and that's the hardest part! Especially since we could hear the results any day. What date did you want to go to COT?

I was hoping to leave in October. I mean the fiscal year starts October 1st so hopefully they'll release them soon. I'm trying to stay positive but trying not to get my hopes too high either.

littlemissfit--- I agree...this wait is torture. I am assuming we will know within the next couple of weeks! I was also planning on leaving in October, so fingers crossed the selections are released before September!

I was told by my recruiter that OTS wouldn't take place until Jan 2015. Not sure how true that is, but I have also talked to nurses at my unit and they said that usually it will be in Jan. Hopefully we know soon though!! Got to plan my life after nursing school!! LOL

ssenak-- You would go to COT in January 2015 because you have not graduated and taken your boards yet. For those of us who have graduated and have passed NCELX, we were told we would leave in October (which makes this delay SUPER stressful)!!


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1 week post release date... Wasn't the worst week of my life. Wasn't the best week of my life.

Come on MONDAY!!!!

syl8- That is true, I didn't think about that. Even though I wouldn't go until Jan, I am still very anxious! I have turned down an OB externship at the place where I work and an externship in the OR in a hospital where I worked as an anethesia tech. So if I am not selected, I need to go to plan B and try and get started with the extership applications. Praying for a good outcome, and that I can still get into those programs if things don't go as planned. I hope that we find out soon, so that you guys that have already taken the NCLEX can get started!! I just keep thinking "everything happens for a reason"!! LOL HURRY HURRY HURRY with this list!!!

Hey y'all, I just joined this forum today and I'm also freaking out! I applied for med-surg 6 years. I'm from Birmingham, AL. Anyone else from the South?

Wishing everyone all the best! May you achieve your dreams in USAF :)

Can I ask you guys in this thread the reason(s) that you all chose the air force over the other branches for nursing?

For me I chose Air Force instead of Army because Army does not hire fresh graduates. You are required to have working experience, and I don't graduate until December. For the rest of the branches, I honestly don't know much about them. But I don't want to be on a sub or ship constantly, so Air Force kindof fit