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Air Force NTP 2014


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Sgt.B said he hasn't heard anything about cancellation yet... And *sly8 I know the wait is killing me.. Esp since the hospital I work at (my back up plan) refused to hire me just bc I applied to the AF. Now I have no back up. And it's so hard to find a job as a new grad in our area. I feel your pain. Ugh.

So it may be another day or another week before we here anything?? My recruiter didn't mention delays but hadn't heard anything either...

My recruiter said there are no cancellations--just delays. They need to "iron out how many spots they can afford to select this FY". With that said...the presumed numbers of 35 MS and 5 OB may be lower....

littlemissfit---I too, have no back-up plan in place because no hospitals would hire me knowing I had the potential to leave in October. I am currently working as a camp nurse this summer, but camp ends August 15th.

Ahhh syl8 I've been working as a camp nurse this summer too! For Girl Scouts. But camp ended last week, we're just cleaning camp this week!!


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I am currently working as a camp nurse this summer, but camp ends August 15th.

Sweet, I want to work as a camp nurse!

Sounds a lot better than MGH

It's an interesting job. I work with girls ages 8-15! A lot of motherly nursing, that's for sure. I'm sure Camo-angel can relate!!

Unfortunately, I began working at the end of June when my package was already sent in so I was not able to put this experience on my resume :(

I got an email from my recruiter about delayed results as well... he just forwarded us the email he received today.

It said, "Today is the estimated release date of 14NC04; however, the results are delayed with no new estimated release date to give at this time. Until the SG community gives us our FY15 requirements we can't select anyone. Please let your rics/apps know that I will update everyone as soon as I get any new info"

Looks like we could all be waiting for a little while:/

I know you all don't know just like I don't, but realistically how long do you think it will be before they release the info? Do you think it will be before COT in October?

I'm going to proceed like I'm not going to get in or they will cancel it bc I only have til October to stay a tech in my hospital before I'm not allowed to work there anymore and the student loans will start coming soon.

Just figured I'd see what all your thoughts are.


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This is killing me. I wish they had never said an exact date. AGH, the suspense!!!!

COT could be as early as Oct, but my recruiter said most people new to military go in December.

Anyone have any updates?

Hello everyone,

I have been following numerous boards over the past 8 months.

I also was told yesterday that the selection was postponed, and I would get a call regardless of selection status as soon as it came out.

I am in California.

What seems to be the trend is people gradually finding out through the month of August. All of August.

Departure seems to range from October-December.

I will post when I hear anything more.

I also know that the GPA has been upped from just a year ago, from a 3.0 to a 3.4, which explains significantly less candidates.

Am I the ONLY one applying OB this year or what!? I can't seem to find anyone else! I am praying this wait is worth it for me considering I turned down a full-time Labor & Delivery position yesterday. I've chased this dream too long and hard to stop now, but what timing :/

Also, did you guys choose the 3, 4, or 6 year commitment?

I just started following this thread today. I too applied for this board selection in July and have been waiting anxiously for the selections to drop! I applied med surg and chose the 6 yr commitment.

I applied for OB. I am currently finishing up school, I will graduate at the end of Oct. Currently I work as a Certified Scrub Tech in Labor & Delivery and has done this for 14yrs, so I had figured that I would try and go for that, plus the Chief Nurse talked me in to it. Lol. I have been in the Air Force Reserves for 15yrs as a scrub tech, but I have also worked as an Anesthesia tech and Medical Assist. over the years, so I hope that it will make a difference. Good luck to you, maybe we will attend OTS together. I did get an email from my recruiter stating that the board selection was delayed, but that he feels confident that we will know something soon. Oh and I signed up for six years.

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Med surg 6 years

Med-surg 4 year, and still no news -.-

I signed for 3 years

ssenak--Good to see another OB applicant, thought I was alone for a bit. I believe there was a total of about 15-20 OB applications. Have you heard any number such as this? Also--you have a stunning resume it sounds like! I just graduated in May with my BSN, and only have a 5-month preceptorship on a Labor & Delivery Unit for experience. I LOVE OB, and would like to receive my WHNP in the future. Wish I could put as much on my resume as you! I'm sure the scrub tech & prior military experience will be very helpful for your selection! Do you know of any other OB applicants?

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sy18-- I hope that my experience makes a difference, thank you for the compliment!! My recruiter didn't tell me the numbers for OB applicants, but he was saying that he knew that there were going to be more positions for MS avail. I was going to apply for MS, but then I spoke with the Chief Nurse at Sheppard AFB in Texas, and she was going over my experience, and she said that I should pursue OB because I would get "snatched up" quicker with my experience, so I decided to go ahead and go the OB route. I have always liked OB, but thought that I should make a change. How was the NCLEX? Was it as hard as you thought it would be? I hope that we get selected!! and I hope my recruiter was right, when he said that it shouldn't be too long before we know something!! I do believe everything happens for a reason, we have to learn patience's. LOL Just another military way of life.....hurry and wait!! I have been very happy in the Air Force, and I think that anyone that can experience the Air Force's way of life, will not be disappointed. :-) I wish everyone the best of luck!!!