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Air Force NTP 2014


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Quick question, where are you recruiting from?

I am currently enrolled in the accelerated BSN program at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. I didn't have much time for volunteer work but I will graduate with at least a 3.83 and was inducted into Sigma Theta Tau. I recently won an award from my school (Spirit of Nightingale) due to my leadership abilities, mentorship and professionalism in both the academic and clinical setting. I have previous experience in project management (I worked as a Project Administrator for several years). I received a Masters in Leadership and Project Management in 2012 from the University of Denver. I do not have previous military service but have several years of work experience.

I believe the previous GPA requirement was a 2.8. Also, I did speak with a Navy recruiter a few months ago at our college's job fair. The recruiter mentioned that the Navy was not currently accepting new nurse graduates. I am not sure if things have changed. The same situation applies for the Army.

My recruiter is located in Nashville, TN. He takes candidates from TN and some surrounding states depending on the county I think

So... Has anybody heard anything about the selection board? Going crazy here! Let me know if you find anything out from any recruiters.

I haven't heard anything but I was thinking of emailing my recruiter, to see if he's heard how many people have applied this year and such. Only about 10 more days until decisions are supposed to be out though!!

I'll send an email to mine as well. I'll let you know if I hear anything. Hang

in there!

My recruiter responded saying he won't hear anything until decisions are out, so he's not sure how many people have applied this year.

I also sent an email to my recruiter...she hasn't heard anything either. I will let you guys know when I hear from her!

Hi there! I've been following the threads on this topic and like many of you, I too, have applied for the FY 2014 AF NTP. My recruiter shared a bit of information with me at the beginning of the month right before the board met, I figured you would all like to know. He said that this year there were only around 80 applications and he expected about 10-20 more to come in by the time the board met... so chances this year are better since they are selecting 30-MS and 5-OB. I applied for MS, and despite turning in a solid application I'm still so nervous!!! Yikes! But I figured I'd let you all know what I know.

Hello all--- I am also a FY 2014 AF NTP applicant-- My recruiter said the selections should be released no later than Monday (July 28th). I also heard the same numbers as littlemissfit-- around 100 applications tops and 30-35 MS selects and 5 OB selects. I personally applied OB. Any other OB applicants??? Good luck to all!!

Hey everyone!

It's so good to finally hear from so many people that applied for NTP 2014! I've been following the threads on Air Force NTP for a while now, and also hadn't seen much of anything from people applying for this year... so thanks Cameo-angel! It's been a long process, but we are all so close to finding out if we made it! I hope we all have good news soon!

Good luck to all, we shall know soon! Anyone else scared beyond reasoning? For some reason hearing that less people apply this year made me even more nervous!!

Yes, statistically having less people with better qualifications does make it harder! Oh well :-) make sure and post when people start finding out! That way we can all call and hound our recruiters. Good luck everybody! Should not be long now.

Has anyone heard anything yet? I texted my recruiter asking if the list was out but no text back... Surprise. Just wondering if anyone else may have heard whether we will hear today or not. Thanks.

Mine said he has not heard anything yet??? Let me know when you hear.

Mine said selections are usually released by the end of the day. Where are you all from? Also, are you all applying MedSurg?

Oh really? Hmm. It's hard trying to figure out what the next step is without knowing this information. Theres no new grad programs/jobs in my area so finding a job is going to be a pain if this doesn't work out.

Med surg. Salt lake city