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Hello everyone! I am new to this so forgive me if I do not do it right. I am starting a lpn program April 27th in New Jersey. I am excited and scared at the same time. I come from a medical family and have always wanted to be a nurse but decided I "knew it all" and tried everything in college :) Finally at 23 I am going to my true passion. I was just wondering if anyone wanted to exchange emails or screennames. Also, if anyone could give me some advice ( words of encouragement, recommendations, sites, books,etc) Ill be waiting :) Thank you.


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congrats on starting nursing school! :yeah:there are times you are going to absolutely hate it, become discouraged, and question why in the world did i choose nursing??? but...you will make friends that will last a lifetime with you; friends who will be your new family as you study long hours together, vent together, perhaps even cry together, but will help you get through when the going gets tough. my advice to you is devote yourself 100% to school, study hard, don't get discouraged, and try to have fun! we all have been where you are at, we made it, and so can you! good luck! :)

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Also remember not to post contact details in posts but via pm or email

at 23 you're lucky to have lived a little and figured out what you want. i was a little slower, i'm old enough to be your mother--lol.

right now my most fav book is the nurses pocket drug guide 2009: essential data on 1000 common medications. i have the expensive pda with all the software, but i can find a drug faster in this tiny little book than it takes me to turn on the pda, find the nursing software, and type in the first few letters of the name.

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