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Does anyone know which agencies are ok to work for? Since all my problrms I am very leary to work for any of them, so if some one could stear me in the right direction I would be ever so grateful... Read More

  1. by   nurse5005
    Hi Daberg 211
    I worked with Maxim it is horrible agency to work. They assigned 3 nurses for the same assignment, they pay me sooooo low. They did not gave enough hours to work. It is just a mess place to work.
  2. by   Sweeper933
    Anybody know of any good agencies to work for that will staff for NICU nurses in the Chicago area? Please feel free to PM me!
  3. by   lgnurse20
    When I worked in Chicago I used an agency called AMR pronurse. They always had work for me and paid well. I also liked them because they worked in the staffing offices of the hospitals so I always got the pick of shifts I wanted. I think they might have been bought by medical staffing network now but either way they are the one to use.
  4. by   Hex
    Has anyone used Intelistaf to travel to New York city? If so, what was your experience like?
  5. by   ybarnett
    Would someone please recommend someone near Alabama. I've been laid off since July, and I'm desperate.
  6. by   ArwenEvenstar
    Looking through this long thread, I notice a lot of negative opinions regarding Maxim (with a handful of positive experiences). I think it is possible, but unlikely, to have a good experience with Maxim simply because of their business structure. Inexperienced 21 yr old men run the offices, and do all the scheduling and communicating with the nurses and families. I don't want to get going...I have very little positive to say about Maxim!

    Here is a site with Maxim reviews. Might want to check it out. And write a review yourself.
  7. by   graysonret
    I guess it depends on what office and where it is, plus your own personal experience. I worked out of a Maxim office for 10 years. They always had work for me, and pay could be negotiable, if you were unhappy. I moved last year and hoped to transfer to another Maxim office, but the new one treated me pretty poorly. I went to another agency.
  8. by   jammin246RN
    I will say my experience with aureus was HORRIBLE. They do not back their nurses. They sent my badges to the wrong address, sent someone elses contract to me. I never got my time slips. When asked at a hospital if I would give a 8mg versed IV push to a 7 year old which weighed 50 pounds...btw it was 10 times the approved dosage according to the med books... and I refused they cancelled my contract... Aureus didn't back me. They put me in a flea infested motel which they hadn't bothered to contact to see if there were rooms available. All during my first contract with them my recruiter/payroll/name badge processing couldn't communicate. I would call for my badge... since they sent me on assignment without one... they would say it was overnighted... 2 days later no badge and another call and overnighted again. I never did see my badge until after my contract ended.... 13 badges at the wrong address. They stated they paid travel expenses to get where I was going.... well turns out they booked me 2000 miles away and paid only 200 bucks to get there (and back... so I guess it is only 100 each way). The recruiter was to show up and take their nurses in that area to dinner. Me and another of the nurses working for Aureus showed up 30 min before hand to make sure we could get a bite to eat before our shift started. We asked where our party was and no one was booked by that name. We were at the right location. Well it came time for the dinner to start and no recruiter, 15 min later we called corporate and they had no idea where he was. And they couldn't reach him. Well turns out he was there.... just didn't bother to sign in and didn't bother to check to see if we were there. Both of us went to work hungry. The next day he calls to say he was there and sorry we couldn't make it.... and after he was told that we were there and asked where our party was... he blamed the mistake on the restaurant.... and promised us some other dinner next time he was down or some such nonsense.... never saw him or anyone else from aureus again. Just bad experiences all around.
  9. by   sashamay
    I did agency as a CNA full time in the Portland-metro area for a few years (about to graduate nursing school now tho! =)

    In Portland, OR the top 3 agencies are Maxim, Nurse Finders and MSN.

    Maxim was definitely my primary agency... i got paid a lil less, but i *usually* was able to get enough shifts to survive cause they had a lot of contracts. I could have worked more but i refused to do anything except night shift, with the occasional evening at Hospitals and Psych Units, and this one unique assisted living facility (ended up working at 13+ different hospitals over 3 years =) Even sent me to the beach once, put me up in a hotel and paid for my gas.. and i worked at a tiny 12 bed hospital for 2 shifts which was awesome! =)

    They were always fairly nice, called me a lot, and my average was 30hrs/week (sometimes down to 20, sometimes 50+).
    I ended up breaking my foot at work, their workmens comp took good care of me for the 6 months I spent on crutches (spent awhile doing office work as part of the deal for 4 hr shifts, was very interesting to see how things work from the inside! Found out that with some people... they "ghost" them, which means they book a shift with them, but then don't contact the hospital until the night of!! They claimed they only did it with select unreliable employees who would try to call off pre-booked shifts often..
    Their staff also see a very high turnover rate, but its always too energetic 20-somethings with business degrees (i also had to search resumes for hiring a new recruiter while i was there).
    -With them, if you were willing to help them, theyd totally help you. probably helped that i usually had various units calling and requesting me to come back fairly often.. and i'd pick up the occational late call shift...it totally paid off over the years!

    Also worked for Nurse Finders, and I got about $3 more an hr with them and I wasn't canceled nearly as often, but i also wasn't booked nearly as often as well. Usually only 1-2 shifts a week, at the most..despite open avail. One of the office ladies was cool, the other was kind of mean. I also worked at the same hospitals and psych units as with Maxim.

    I transferred to Maxim's Seattle branch when I moved to Nursing school and the Seattle Maxim was awful!! Wouldn't prebook me for shifts, only called me for late-call's, totally ignored my availability and would only call on my specific off days, an hour before the shift.. Obnoxious. I left that place pretty quick.

    I now work with Axis Medical Staffing in Seattle, and being at the end of nursing school, i dont have all that much availability.. and get canceled a normal amount. Mostly only working for one hospital, but the lady (Brianne) is awesome.. she emails with me so no annoying phone calls waking me up when i'm sleeping during the day! And she'll only call me for a late-call if i specifically say I might be open to it that weekend. Very accommodating and super nice. =)

    Pay is alright, about the same as Nurse Finders. Also get direct deposit on Thursday of every week, which is a bonus. =) I'll be kind of sad to leave them in a way, I wish i had started with them earlier!

    Can't wait till i'm an RN with a year of exp so i can try my hand at travel nursing! =)
  10. by   DinatravelerRN
    Flexcare Medical Staffing if you want to travel in CA!! I typically like to explore my options and see what other agencies are offering and every single time they have by far the best pay! When I travel I want to make money, work a lot of hours and be in a comfortable safe environment. I feel like they listen to me and truly want what is best for me!!! Good luck!!!
  11. by   Livingbyfaith28
    I am looking to do a little traveling but unsure of the best travel agencies to join with. I have applied with Talemed and AmericanMobile. Can anyone tell me if these agencies are worth my time or not. Also can you suggest any agencies to go with for travel opportunities? Currently live in MS. Thanks
  12. by   lissycna
    I am a CNA wanted to go to possibly ADN or Dental hygienist.... I was contacted by an agency from a marianna federal state prison. I live about 3 hours from there now. Most of my family lives here and I would only consider moving away from them...since I am going through a separation... if the money is good. I know that the area I am in CNA's start at around $9 in Dr.'s offices working as MA's. I was going to ask around 15-17 dollars at that prison... is that too high / too low? I need some advice. (No hateful advice if you don't like that prison, just knowledgable....
  13. by   gwafuh_rn
    me and my wife are planning to relocate next year on northern california hopefully next year.just want to ask if whats the best nursing staffing agency in bay area.im looking for a per diem job(registry) until i find a full time job.does flexcare agency focus only on travel nursing?

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