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Does anyone know which agencies are ok to work for? Since all my problrms I am very leary to work for any of them, so if some one could stear me in the right direction I would be ever so grateful... Read More

  1. by   kidzrn3
    I have been a nurse for 24 years and have worked as a staff nurse in a variety of areas, both in hospitals and physician's offices. I had been a nurse for 5 years before I did agency. I think that you need to work for one year before you can do agency because you have to develop nursing assessment and procedure skills, like IV's, foleys, NG's etc. first.
  2. by   newlvngrad
    Well im not planning on working in hospitals. I prefer to work in clinics, doctors offices. The agency told me that they would send me to adult day centers first since I am a new grad and then to nursing homes. Is that possible? Or are they just desperate and dont care about me or my license?
  3. by   Baby Catcher, CNM
    I did a 13 week assignment for Med Staff and they were great. Very professional, good pay, great apartment. I would highly reccomend them.
  4. by   lori_alexis
    I have worked for Nurse Finders for almost a year out of the Springfield MO office. They are great to me. I am currently doing per diem work, but have done an 8 week contract. They have RN's LPN's CNA's etc...

    They offer benefits, immediate pay, lots of options.
  5. by   marina17
    Quote from graysonret
    Around here, in Virginia, I've found, over the years, that 2 agencies seem to work out best for me. One is Nursefinders and the other is Maxim. I prefer Maxim because of their benes and paid 1 week vacation after 480 hours. This might vary from state to state. Others that I've tried have been pretty much as "fill-ins" for slow periods. No benes or regular work. Some are speciality agencies like "peds" or "home health". I like to keep 2-3 agencies available so I can pick and choose what I want, or to keep me busy when it gets slow.

    How is it working for Nursefinders?
    would you desribe your daily routine as a Agency Nurse?
    Any tips,advice?
    Nursefinders offered me a job but I never worked agency before .
  6. by   lori_alexis
    I have really enjoyed working for Nursefinders. When I contracted my routine wasn't any different from anything other time Ive worked as a nurse. I had already worked at the hospital doing per diem shifts. I wanted to make sure it was some place I could stand to work for 8 or more weeks. The staff at this hospital is usually very willing to help, very kind. When I work per diem shifts they just call and let me know what they have available or I call the office. They offered me benefits but I have them through my other job. I get paid when Im on my way home, I turn in my pay slips and they write me a check. This is the first time I have ever heard of this, but it really motivates me when they want me to work a shift.
    If you have any specific questions Ill be happy to answer them.
  7. by   nursen75
    Favorite Nurses is definetley one of the best. I started working for them when I was an LVN. They are great, pay well and have lots of assignments to pick from.
  8. by   stdntograd06
    I live in souhern PA, and have signed up to work for General healthcare Resources. I haven't started yet, what, if anything has anyone heard of them? I've been told by a few CNA'S, and LPN'S that they are great to work for (good pay rates, benefits, ins, assignment choices, and my recruiter has been wonderful). I was able to fax everything to them without having to go their office, which I'm told they are out near Philly.

    Anybody's thoughts/insights on them?

    Thanks a bunch!

  9. by   silverswan
    I'm new in travel nursing so I'm hoping I could get useful informations from those of you who had been doing this for a while.Need a little help from my fellow agency nurses as of now and maybe later I'll be able to determine which agencies are the best. silverswan
  10. by   Vikingkitten
    Quote from eddy
    Intelistaf has a pretty poor record in the Kansas City area.

    Makes one wonder how much attention their bloated top heavy corporate office pays to quality control and recruitment of skilled and honest office staff. In Kansas City at least, it seems they don't pay any attention at all.

    I second that! Did work for them briefly while finishing my BSN. Payroll was awful, the assignments were only those (it seemed) that no one else wanted or would do, and just getting a return phone call for a question took an "act of Congress"
  11. by   Vikingkitten
    Quote from soulful
    hi all,

    any good agencies in st. louis? thanks...s.

    Don't know any St. Louis based agencies, but worked for Preferred Health on on assignment, they are awful. Aureus out of Omaha sent me to a very good hospital there, and paid well, had good housing (only A or B rated apartments) and generally took very good care of us there. Of course, I loved being in St. Louis anyway, but stay away from Forrest Park Hospital, they have a tendency to cancel Travellers with no notice or reason. Spent 5 weeks there and was told I was the record holder for a Traveler. Also, I don't recommend Preferred Health. they don't take very good care of their Travellers, and have entirely too many HCA hosptials , which, in my experience, are generally the worst when it comes to treating Travellers well.
  12. by   neygray
    Quote from newlvngrad
    Well im not planning on working in hospitals. I prefer to work in clinics, doctors offices. The agency told me that they would send me to adult day centers first since I am a new grad and then to nursing homes. Is that possible? Or are they just desperate and dont care about me or my license?
    I would be very leery of this. Most reputable agencies refuse to hire new nurses and require a minimum of 1-2 years of MedSurg experience. I would not want to be thrown into a situation with no orientation or preceptor, whether a brand new nurse or seasoned vet. Please reconsider.
  13. by   sewillia
    Hi Go to Hypodermichighway.com...they have the top ten nursing agency with questions to ask different agencys what they offer. I will warn you, each agency has their advantages and disadvantages, you need to ask questions and list your pros and cons of different agencies. I hope that will help you out.

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