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  1. Hi everyone I am new here and wanted to post specifically about agency nursing. I have been an LPN for over 4 years and my experience is in LTC and rehab, my only med surg or specialty was in school...anyway I might be taking a job with a local agency that staffs local nursing homes. I wanted thoughts on agency nursing. I am wondering if I have enough experience in my career...I dont want to get in over my head or get into any unsafe situations. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   KellNY
    Pssst! We have a whole section for agency nurses.
  4. by   nightingale
    It sounds like you have worked in more then one facility. Fours years experience is very helpful and a good amount. Sometimes the skills needed for one facility vary a lot with your background. It sounds like you do have experience in Rehab Nursing and this will help you with the post acute Medicare patients.

    Check in with the facilities you will be working at and try to get an orientation. Often, the better companies will approve a portion of the shift to either go in early or before you begin work (once you get scheduled there).

    Good luck and let us know how you make out.
  5. by   Antikigirl
    I agree...we do have an area for agency. However, I was an RN working for ALF/LTC and when they cut hours and basically ran me down to nothing as an RN...I went agency! Best choice I ever made!

    I was very scared to go back to nursing as a hospital nurse and PRN LTC nurse again. But I had skills that I forgot I had and fit right tell you the truth...I fit right into hospital again (where I thought I would NEVER go back to)...LTC's were still far to understaffed and way to much responsiblity for any agency RN to handle (liability) and had me doing way to much because of understaffing that I was uncomfortable. I actually wound up in a bidding war with two hospitals because I was so good with hospitals again (trust me...bowled me over with a feather!!!!!!!!!), that I signed on with a local one and make a higher wage than even agency!

    I loved agency because of its flexibility...I was the boss! I picked the times I worked, the facilities I worked..and full time employees did get benifits with my agency!

    Shop around for agency! I found it to be a very wonderful step in my career!
  6. by   nowplayingEDRN
    I do work for Medical Staffing Network and they try very hard to get you in for at least one day of orientation so that you have some familiarity with the facility that you will be working in. I have found those orientations to cover primarily the most important things you will be seeing in the area you are assigned to. For the 13 week assignments, you should be getting a regular hospital orientation except that you will not spend very long with a preceptor (usually just a couple of days) as the idea is that an agency nurse is supposed to be flexible enough to rapidly adapt to any scenario and be ready to fly by the seat of your pants so to speak. Not always the worlds most comfy situation, to be sure! Like Triage said, shop around. Agency nursing offers a variety and flexibility that you will not get in a FT position. It could be a fabulous step in your career.