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Just moved to Washington and I am not able to find out how much Seattle (and surrounding area) RNs make per hour. Help? Thanks:confused:... Read More

  1. by   annie855
    hi lori,
    i too have just moved to the kitsap area and have been having no luck finding $$ from agencies. Can you let me know which agency youve found the best??
  2. by   patwil73
    Quote from annie855
    hi lori,
    i too have just moved to the kitsap area and have been having no luck finding $$ from agencies. Can you let me know which agency youve found the best??
    Hey lori, I work for a pretty good agency based in seattle, but do a lot of outlying areas also. Pay is around $35 or more. If you're interested I can send you their number.

  3. by   4PsychRN
    i do perdiem for agency on the east coast and the pay for my speciality is $47/hour
  4. by   jen42
    $42/ hr, jail nursing with Medical Staffing Network. Not sure what their others posts pay, but there's an office here...
  5. by   WSU-RN
    The pay rates in Seattle vary and depend on a couple of things:

    1) What the pay rates are between the agency you are working for and the contract they have with each facility.
    2) If you are a specialty or general RN.
    3) Weekend and shift differentials.

    I love the agency I work for and have been with them for about 13 months. The pay rates can vary greatly between facilities. I would say that the per diem pay rates for the agency I am with are approx. $30-34 per hour for gen. and $35-43 per hour for specialty RNs.

  6. by   kairgivr
    Hi - I just moved here last summer and am thinking of switching agencies. I was told before moving here the hourly rate was about $5 more than I'm actually getting anywhere. I mostly work in Seattle but have been getting canceled so much lately I'm just alittle fed up with the whole agency thing. My staffing person can never find anything when trying to route me after my shift has been canceled.

    WSU - do you know if intelistaff has reliable staffers after hours? Can they usually route you somewhere else if your shift gets canceled? I'm with h*n now (not sure if I can post that) and I feel like a number. They are very nice but are almost too big to care about my one shift. Who was your recruiter and do you have good relationships with your staffers? I may call them after the holidays and try something different. I want to give my agency a fair chance, but I still have to pay the bills.
  7. by   RNS for Unity
    Hi, I'm from Wisconsin, I would like to have an opportunity to work in Chicago on weekends only in specialty areas such as ICU, ER, Psych, Telemetry, PACU, Amb. Procedure center. Are there any weekend opportunities, since I do work in Milwaukee M-F. Also has Illinois started a license reciprocity program with Wisconsin to enable RNS from Wisconsin to work in Illinois without obtaining another license from Illinois.
    Please let me know, what agencies pay the most?
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  8. by   tammydanne
    I've been working with Axis Medical in Seattle for about a year now. I'm really impressed with them. I have been with other agencies before but most of them didn't really care about what I wanted. I really enjoy working for Axis because they just seem to get it. They're friendly and don't pressure me into working shifts.

    They also pay on what I've found to be on the top end of the market. My pay ranges from $35-$38 for Med/Surg. One of my friends worked specialty and was getting $45-$47/hr. Granted, it was a weekend shift but that seems really good.
  9. by   jillrn1966
    Lori, well all of that depends on what agency and hospital you work at, not to mention specialty! average is about 30 to 35 an med can pay more. I live in kitsap as well and have found local rates at harrison dismal! I do the commute across the bridge every day, not to bad if you work pm or noc, bad if you work days! I have done this for the last 6 years! one thing to consider if you do travel, 50 miles or more one way will qualify you for travel and perdeim pay! This is not hard to do for those of us living out here as about every thing is that far! Your best bet for higher pay is to do icu, scu, mother baby, or l&d if you are a specilaty nurse it can be worth the pay...40 to 50 an is all I do and I do well at it, I do 13 week contracts and this works very well for me! Good luck!
  10. by   Samadhi
    Hey there! I was a traveling nurse on the west coast from 2002-2004, then a local traveler in Seattle from 2004-2009. In Jan of 2009 the travel nursing market just dried up. I was under contract at the time, until May. At that time my contract ended, and I had to go staff. I chose a hospital close to the home we bought, and one I had previously done traveling at. I also had previously been doing per diem shifts through another agency that has a regional office in Seattle. I continue to do agency shifts through them. Pay for an agency shift in the Seattle area can vary based on your certifications and experience, and the area which you are working your shift in. If you are getting your benefits through the agency, the pay is lower.
    Here's an example:
    If I get my benefits through the agency, the rate is $30/hr
    If I'm just doing the shift with no benefits, my rate is $44/hr.

    A telemetry floor for one of the hospitals pays $49/hr for guaranteed shifts. This means they have to pay me whether I work or not. To me, being cancelled is a waste of my time-I've been a nurse almost 12 years, I'm experienced and have multiple certifications, and I am worth it.
    One hospital offered a 1 month agency contract for medsurg $24/hr-don't know if they filled that one.
    Bottom line is, you need to apply through multiple agencies, and all the agencies in the Seattle area are legit-people have both good or bad things to say about them. Get on all the rosters, talk to people about the specific floors at hospitals, decide what you are worth, and see if you can get that amount for each specific instance. Every agency pays differently. I work 2 nights a week on staff, and get my benefits at my staff position. The rest I do either working extra there, or agency shifts at any number of hospitals. I have worked at all of them.
  11. by   RosesRN
    Thank you @Samadhi for the info....

    I am trying to get out to Seattle....I've been applying to my first nursing jobs in CA, MD, and WA....I will probably have my WA license by March I think it will be easier to land a job then, and I will be in the area.

    Do you know of any places off the top of your head that may be hiring new grads? I am in contact with an agency and they said they could offer me part time education gigs. But I really want that year of solid hospital nursing that seems to make a BSN valid.

    Thank you!

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