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  1. chello agency nurses, i have a ? for ya. i'm very new to agency nursing (haven't even done a shift yet:chuckle ). i'm still in orientation and paperwork phase. i was talking to one of my r.n. friends today about agency work. she loves working for the hospital. at one of the local hospitals she quit w/o notice (they put her on a no re-hire list) but loved the hospital. she was aking me if the agency were to send her to work to that hospital could she work there or would the hospital send her home?????? what if she were sent to the floor where she wasn't recognized as she said it had been over 3 yrs. ago. i told her i had no idea but i would ask here & see how that would work. how would they even know she was on a no re-hire list unless it were one of her old nurse managers. but i'm clueless to agency and trying to learn, so if anyone knows the answer, would you please pass along the answer??????thanks in advance, signed clueless but willing to learn :chuckle .
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  3. by   babynurselsa
    IT is very likely that when they call her name into the staffing office of this hospital thye will refuse her. She can always let them try and booke her for a shift there and see what happens.
  4. by   suzanne4
    More than likely they are going to refuse her right off. But why even take a chance with that? Chances are some of the same supervisors are going to be working still and they will have remembered her. It has nothing to do with who is on the floor, they have no idea who is a no-rehire, etc. But supervisors know and they remember.

    My personal opinion is to go someplace else and not go thru the embarassment. If she was a no-rehire in the past, the agency probably doesn't know, but if she gets a "do not send" now, it will influence her future jobs with this agency.
  5. by   suzanne4
    Unfortunately, she burned her bridges there. This is always a bad thing to do because you never know when you are going to need the former place of work.
  6. by   Hairstylingnurse
    [font=book antiqua]i agree and told my friend that burnig bridges is not a good thing ofcourse she said it couldn't be helped in the situation that she was in. lesson learned i'm sure. she really wants to do hospital again and is limited in the area she lives in. does a no re-hire last a set amount of time????? any way she is pretty set on seeing if she can get back into this hospital so i said well all you've got to lose is a night of work if they send you home so go for it. she thinks if she gets in there and does a bang up job(since her old supervisor is moved out of state that she may have another chance. so does anyone here know if a no re-hire is a pemanant thing with hospitals???? thanks and have a great day
  7. by   sirI
    Quote from hairstylingnurse
    [font=book antiqua] does a no re-hire last a set amount of time????? . so does anyone here know if a no re-hire is a pemanant thing with hospitals???? thanks and have a great day
    hello, hairstylingnurse,

    yes, a no hire list is on file forever. now, if there is a big change in administration/board of directors/buy out........this might be lifted.
  8. by   Hairstylingnurse
    :kiss thanks siri, that is just what i wanted to know.

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