Do you like Agency/ staffing Nursing and would you switch back to being on staff

  1. Do you like Agency/ staffing Nursing and would you switch back to being on staff

    Please tell us why if you like it or hate it!
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  2. Poll: Do you like Agency/ staffing Nursing and would you switch back to being on staff

    • Yes i love it and would not change

      36.96% 17
    • Yes i like it and may change if i could

      17.39% 8
    • Yes i like it and you can not beat the money

      32.61% 15
    • No I do not like but the money keeps me here

      6.52% 3
    • No I do not like it and I stay for other reasons

      4.35% 2
    • No I hate it and will change if I can

      2.17% 1
    46 Votes
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  4. by   nightingale
    I think we are canceling each other out jamistic... love it most of the times...
  5. by   BadBird
    I like agency better than regular staff because:
    - more money
    - better flexibility
    - no holidays or weekends unless I choose to work them
    - no mandaytory overtime
    - no mandatory meetings at inconvient times
    - I don't get involved in the politics of the different units
    - If you absolutely hate a unit you never have to work there again
    - good selection of hospitals and units to work in
    - little cancellation if any
    - allows more time for my family
    - agency managers appreciate you and go out of their way to get you work in the facility of your choice
  6. by   Nebby Nurse
    BadBird says it all. I have literally doubled my salary. I schedule my self working only four days a week, no holidays or weekends. There is plenty of work and seldom get cancelled. When I get tired, I schedule a week off. And most importantly I have built my confidence as a nurse and get more positive feedback than I ever did as a staff nurse. Also, agencies are now offering good health and retirement plans. I could never ever go back on staff with the every other weekend, mandatory OT, working Christmas, two weeks vacation in the middle of winter,etc,etc... I urge all nurses who are burnt out and bitter to turn in their resignations and give it a shot. And I received a lot of encouragement here and am thankful. Change is hard but in my case it really paid off. Thanks again and good luck to all!
  7. by   grizngrit
    I love agency nursing, but found I was getting cancelled too much, traveling too far and benefits --HMO in particular were too far. BUT I am not leaving agency-just cut back to add staff nursing. Found that agency gave me the luxury of time to find the perfect match of jobs. My situation is unusual in that I was almost 100 miles from most of the jobs.
  8. by   jemb
    I worked agency for many years, but finally took a "real" job because it was what I had been looking for over a period of years --outpatient in my specialty. I loved being able to schedule shifts when I wanted, no weekends, the independence it allowed, and not having to "put in for time off" while not being able to make plans until it was confirmed. Oh, yes, the money was good, too, and I had always worked non-benefitted so paying for my own benes was no big deal. The things I didn't like were distances I had to drive (I live in a rural area) coupled with short cancellation notice. Sometimes I would be ready to walk out the door, or may have turned down another agency's need because I was already booked, only to be cancelled at the last minute. Night shift cancellations were especially difficult because of the interrupted sleep schedule.
  9. by   Brownms46
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  10. by   dindy
    What travel agency are you working for? I am very interested in traveling and want to know which agency has a good reputation. This is to Nebby Nurse, what agency are you working for?? I just joined this agency and I have been cancelled so many times that tommorow I am joining another agency who has plenty of work. :kiss
  11. by   NURS4GOD
    I, too, do agency work as an LVN. I left a comfortable position 2 years ago that paid only $11/hr to enter the scary world of cancelations and new units. I did, however, jump to making $23/hr right away...that was a huge plus!!!!!!! My old co-workers thought I was crazy ( I think they were jealous!), and begged me not to leave such a steady job for the uncertainty associated with agency work. I prayed really hard, took a deep breath, and jumped in with both feet!!!!!!! I have never looked back! It is also affording me the time to pursue my RN with Excelsior. My husband is a youth minister...for the first time I can really help him on things I never could before such as youth camp, ski trips, etc... I used to use up all of my vacation days before June and had nothing left to work with...not any more!! I schedule myself (2) 12 hour days plus (1) 8 hour day per week or (2) 16 hours days per week. It isn't for everyone, but it is great for me!
  12. by   treecy
    At this point I can't imagine working staff. I love being able to make my own schedule. No weekend, shift rotation or holiday requirements. No charge duties or precepting. No hospital politics or mandatory meetings. AND much, much better pay.
    the holidays are coming and I don't have to worry about what holiday I'll have to work. Being a single parent I was intially concerned about being cancelled, but that hasn't been a problem. I've been able to buy a house and save more for retirement. There are some down sides. Sometimes you get the heaviest assignment, but if a place is really bad you don't have to go back. So... I try to never say never, but I just can't imagine taking a staff position again.
  13. by   Brownms46
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  14. by   eddy
    What can I say? Well... I really enjoy agency work. I have done several travel assignments in the past, but I prefer to stay around home and do per diem. Both have been quite rewarding to me. These days though I like to stay closer to home (less travel assignments) since I have little nephews and such and love to watch them play their sports and go to their functions.

    I make about twice what staff nurses make in my area. My agency has a benefit package that puts most staff job packages to shame (paid vacation, 401k with emp match, health ins, vision ins, life ins, disability ins, prescription co-pay, and on and on).

    The only downside is how quickly the facilities will turn on an agency nurse here. You really have to tread carefully sometimes. However, over the years I have managed to develop some very good friendships with those now in positions of "power", so I guess I am more protected than many.

    All-in-all, I would never go back unless compensation (wages and benefits), staffing levels and nurse rights improved drastically. In other words, until there is a seriously profound union representation, I'm happy staying agency. Don't get me wrong, I am active in the fight to unionize. I am not an idle bystander. It's just that too many nurses here ARE.

    Anyway... that's my logic...
  15. by   jelrt_aka_L.P.N
    Well, here it is my first post, im new here so im hoping im doing this right. I'm a staff nurse, who recently left the LTC field and am jumping into the agency scene I hope I am doing the right thing, im tired of the p[olitics that come with staff nursing/holidays/weekends, and the oh, so overwhelming demands of a staff nurse....I've been a nurse aid for 10 yrs, an LPN for 8yrs, all in long term care
    and always as a staff member, im scared and excited at the same time. than you for listening