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Last night was the 3rd nite in a row I got cancelled. My agency checked with them during the day and they said I would not get cancelled last night. How do you guys handle frequent cancellations?... Read More

  1. by   nightingale
    I have seen this vary so much from facility to facility PHePhe.

    I try to get a sense for the mood of the floor. Quite frankly, I feel like I am not there to "create change" in the politics but to make it work in a safe mannar for the unit. I have become much more covert in getting the mission accomplished. Often a Nurse Manager will ask my opinion of the unit, particularly after the see that I am a top notch nurse. I do mention those problems at that time or I make it a point to visit with a decision maker and tell them.

    I am a goal maker and try to regularly prioritize myself. My goal for the day might be to get my nursing accomplished etc.... but it may also include how to quietly get that accomplished and make the floor WANT me back with them (particularly if there have been a lot of call offs lately).

    I know on one level you were right. But that floor may not ask you back because of all the hub bub created by calling the nurse aide on the carpet to get to work. Then again, you may not want to work there anyway and that may well be what happens or they may be grateful you insighted this coworker to get off her duff and get to work.

    (ducking now.....)
  2. by   PhePhe
    I have been asked back and I have worked on the floor. The aide in question was there and our interactions were civil, not friendly. I didn't say a word about anything. You are right about politics, its best not to interfere, but it is a darn shame that nurses allow themselves to be manipulated by the nurses aides.
  3. by   nursejenrad
    I have worked for the pool FT for a year and PT for about 3 years. I quit my reqular job because pool pays so well but I recently got a new FT job because there is no work. I worked 4 shifts in Dec, 5 in Jan and I have had it! I get cancelled more then I can handle and it really was begining to make me crazy. 5am and walking out the door and the phone rings or getting to the facility and getting sent home. I just can't stand it and now I try to pick up a shift everynow and then but even that has been slow. So I work full time for a lot less money but the whole benefits so I am really trying not to think about the 12,000/year less. It's depressing but on the other hand, I have no stress, I know I have a job everyday.
  4. by   nightingale
    Good to hear you were right on target then PhePhe.. glad it worked out.

    Nursejenrad... are you in Denver... whew.... been there too with the census sensitive are of Denver. I am now on a short term travel assignment in Grand Junction. Sorry to hear of your frequent call offs.... Glad you found our board... I hope we here more from you.
  5. by   catrn10
    I got sick of being cancelled all the time and took a 13 week assignment 3 hours from my home. It was working beautifully until I got hurt (whole other story). I missed my family, but I did get to com home for 3 or 4 days almost every week. And the steady income was great. I would try to find more than one agency to sign with. The problem around here is that not that many hospitals are using agency regularly, and so work can be hard to find..Good luck
  6. by   PhePhe
    Well....I was supposed to work a double today and was cancelled for 7-3 at 5 AM this morning. Grrrr..... I was counting on the money, had my food all ready to go,, and I need the money. I am going to have some surgery in the new future and I need to acculumate enough money for 2 months living expenses....So I hope I work med/surg 3-11 tonite and then I am doing 7a-7p on a pysch unit Sunday AM.

    Next week i am going to find another agency to sign up with.
  7. by   LadyNASDAQ
    I think that the ideal situation is to be both contracted as a Travel Nurse or agency Nurse. It is so much easier having a schedule that will give you the money you require as well as the flexibility as to when you want to work.
  8. by   PhePhe
    I was cancelled 4 times last week. I called my agency and started an orientatin at another hospital. I think the ideal situation is to be flexible in your hours and in the institutions where you can work. Also, keep a stash of money for those weeks where you get little to nothing in your paycheck.
  9. by   BadBird
    I work in 3 different hospitals, the nurse managers on the units I work on ask me to prebook, I let them know when I can work then call my agency and schedule, I haven't been cancelled in a long time doing it this way. Once the managers get to know you why not ask them if you could prebook, they like it because they know we are dependable moreso than their regular staff and I like it because I know I won't be cancelled.
  10. by   boopchick
    My agency automatically rebooks me at another facility if I'm cancelled. They confirm with me 2 hours prior to every shift. I checked off facilities I was interested/not interested in working at when they hired me and they refer to that list. I just started with this agency but this system seems to work well.
  11. by   Monica RN,BSN
    I have worked in places were I too was cancelled upon arrival. My agencies always paid me for 4 hours for time and trouble when this happens.
  12. by   PhePhe
    My agency pays 4 hours only if you get the nsg supervisor to sign a timeslip for it. Without a timeslip, you only get 2 hours cause they can't bill the company. I was almost cancelled last night for a 7P-7:30 AM shift. I wasn't on the schedule when I got there. They had put a brand new nurse from an agency by herself. Since it was a busy psych floor it was suggested by the outgoing nurse that I stay on to assist her.
  13. by   dragonfly954
    I find most of my problems with nursing assistants the last two hours of a shift.They are nowhere to be found.Amazing!