Any opinions on Nightingale Travel Agency?

  1. I'm considering signing on with the Nightingale Travel Agency to work at Del Ray Medical Center. I've worked in the hospital for 34 yrs and would appreciate any advice on traveling, the agencies out there and Del Ray Medical Center or other facilities in the area. Thanks.
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  3. by   julia1140
    Del Ray I have heard is nicked named Hel Ray. As a traveler I was warned against that area.
  4. by   Travelswithmutt
    I had a friend who worked with Nightingale and loved them!
  5. by   teetyme
    I worked for nightingale a few years back in san antonio, tx...I didnt have any problems
  6. by   inferno
    stay the hell away from them
  7. by   DinatravelerRN
    I've worked with a few travel agencies, and I say ask around listen to other Travelers. I asked and did my research online, I went with a company located in CA (after a few not so fun travel assignments with the "other" guys) I have been having a wonderful time exploring the US!! Flexcare Medical Staffing has treated me well, I can only wish you the best with your future endeavors!!
  8. by   pamhlpn
    From what I have heard inferno is right stay away from'll be doing good if you get paid from them...was going to go to work with them also but while they had me taking some crap test that there were no study guide or answer sheet for and it made no sense b/c it all was related to how their agency worked so there was no way of knowing what the answers were for 4-5 hours then when I finally got frustrated enough and walked out my husband was waiting for me in the reception area and told me on our way out that they were dealing with a nurse on the phone about getting paid. I decided to forget it. Working is hard enough without having to fight with them to get paid too. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
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  9. by   yesfiat
    Well that's interesting that you should ask about Nightingale and Delray... I am an ICU travel nurse who will be signing on with Nightingale for the first time. My first assignment with them will be a t Delray Medical Center. I start January 15. I have been traveling for 2 years and Nightingale is the first company that is able to crunch the numbers on behalf of the RN with the best take home pay. I hope you decide to go to Delray and we have an opportunity to meet and become professional friends. I pull a 35.6 foot long camper and love it.

    By the way, I have heard from another travel company that was trying to get my business on the Delray contract that Delray was a very hard assignment. I haven't had an easy assignment since I started nursing in the ICU 4 years ago... Graduated 2008.

    Well, good luck. My name is Linda Blomquist. Look me up if you are in Delray and we can have lunch and talk about travel nursing.
  10. by   mom_baby_RN
    they rank far down the list on highwayhypodermics and i got poor service from them
  11. by   Marshall1
    I am seriously considering going agency - I want flexibility & my only hold up is I can't travel other than locally so I'm hoping to find an agency or two where I can work within an hour of my home & not a FT type deal - just a few days a week or so. Am going to check out the web site mom_baby_RN referenced. I get a lot of emails from Nightingale about travel too.
  12. by   filmdud
    So, I just got a phone call from them without even know who they were. I just graduated in Dec. and received my license in March. Though I know it wouldn't be easy as a brand new nurse working for a travel agency I NEED to work. I am skeptical of them as well since I have no healthcare experience and they contacted me. I just don't want to pass up the opportunity to be employed, BUT if I'm not going to receive a paycheck from them (I've done some outside research) then should I really bother? Any advice? I've been out of school for 3 months and feel like everything I know is slowly seeping from my head.
  13. by   MadpeysRN
    I would run fast from a company that hires a new grad
  14. by   RNFiona
    Even if the company hires you, I doubt any hospital will accept your profile with no experience. Just sayin. Signing up with the agency won't necessarily guarantee you work