Agency Nursing - Who loves this work?

  1. I work for a healthcare staffing company north of the border. It's a challenge attracting and finding the right RN that can do this type of nursing. Any thoughts on how the perceived "stigma" of agency nursing can be changed and be considered a viable employment choice for nurses. What type of nurse is attracted and full-filled by this unique nursing opportunity.... what kind of nurse loves this type of work?
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  3. by   Pheebz777
    When I worked agency I was lured not only by the larger salary/hr, but also the opportunity to try different facilities without having to apply for a full time position.
  4. by   apal
    Thanks for sharing your personal experience and insight Pheebz777. Were there any others "perks" or unique/ non traditional incentives your agency provided that enticed you to take on this unique nursing opportunity. What attributes do you think an individual has to have to succeed in agency nursing?
  5. by   Jasel
    I like it mostly because I can choose my hours (when they're available at least). If I want to take some time off I can.
  6. by   quiltynurse56
    I like agency nursing. It gives me the flexibility I need as far as schedule goes. I had found it difficult to request time off or to trade days on a regular job. Now I can take shifts when I am available and don't take shifts when I need time away.

    One needs to have the attitude that they can do this. You need to be flexible to work within each facilities practices. I find that a positive attitude goes a long ways. Also, stepping in and doing the work well. It can be overwhelming the first shift or two at a facility, but being able to quickly adapt makes it easier to go back to that facility.

    This month, I have been working at 2 facilities. That makes it easier to get with the flow of the work.

    Another advantage is that if you find you don't want to work there for whatever reason, you don't accept an assignment there again. With the agency I work through, it is self scheduling. They put out the list of needs and you sign up for those you want to work. I have worked at one facility where I decided it wasn't a good fit for me so I don't take shifts there anymore.
  7. by   VikkiPink
    I am in love with agency nursing. It's easy money as you're paid well per hour plus driving and milage. I love going to new facilities because Staff is usually good at making you feel lile you're wanted and needed and each facility offers its own unique challenges. You don't get involved with politics- you leave and are a free agent. I also love that you pick your hours and shifts- I prefer nights. I'm also a big fan of not having direct involvement with managers.

    Plus you need to work way less to make the same if not more money and get more life time.
  8. by   KKEGS
    I have loved agency nursing because of the flexibility. I work when it's most convenient for me. Each month I let my agency know my availability and they let me know if there is anything available. I don't have to try to trade shifts and request days off.

    In fact I am considering leaving my current full time gig (school nurse) to work straight agency for awhile. The pay is so good that I can work much fewer hours which leaves me time with my family.

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