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Finally applying to LPN jobs as a new grad. Is it best to go through an agency or to apply directly to places myself?

I know that agencies can get you an offer immediately with openings instead of waiting around when you apply directly. I have been a new grad and have not worked for the past 4months. I was stalling.

I am in NY.

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Apply directly- the only person who should financially benefit from your employment is YOU.

As a new grad you should definitely apply directly. When working for an agency you're expected to hit the ground running (literally!) and there is no orientation offered. Not a safe scenario fresh out of school. It's highly unlikely you would be hired by an agency to do staffing, but if you are interested in home care there are some agencies willing to hire and train new grads.

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I would stalk every corner of the internet for postings. Do runs 20 miles out and see if places have hiring signs.

Do you have contact with any of your instructors? My husband, many year ago, contacted his dean of students and told them he was having difficulty finding a job as a new LPN. They were able to help him. Utilize your connections.

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Agency is for experienced nurses. They are staffing needs at facilities who are expecting experienced nurses. This is not a head hunter who is working on the applicsny's behalf. As s new grad you need extensive training & orientation. Not an agency job that you walk in take report and go.

I contacted my instructors and so far they have all suggested to go through agencies because many places are looking for experienced nurses. All classmates have gone through a nursing agency to find their jobs.

I was thinking of dropping off my resume at any facility that I like on my own and go from there. But that may also take even more time until I find a job.

Just a little confused on what to do now.

Do agencies usually take a percentage of your pay? Or does the facility pay them?

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