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I'm teaching a class starting next week through December (actually, 2 classes). The first age group is 1st gr-3rd and the second age group is 3rd-5th. The class is called "Climb the Pyramid" and it will basically be about the Food Pyramid, eating healthy, exercising, and things like that. I have posters and sheets from the My Pyramid site, I was just wondering if anyone had any creative ideas or thoughts I could put to use in my classes? Any additional resources? Thanks!

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I think one of the most difficult concepts is portion size. I would bring in food items like a box of cereal, bowls and a measure to show what is a portion. You can bring in whatever else you are able to carry, like cheese cubes, etc. Fake food items are available but expensive. If you are up for carrying in examples, I'd also recommend a game show--"choose the best snack"--and have the kids choose from chips, etc or fruit etc. The class sounds great. Can you figure out a mini assessment for before and after the class to demonstrate student learning? Might be helpful in showing the benefit to those who pay the bills.

Have fun!

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Great suggestions!! Thanks! I will definitely incorporate portion sizes into one of the lessons--hadn't even thought of that!

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I have seen items like a deck of cards, a tennis ball, etc. used to estimate portion size. Might be a good visual. This sounds like a great program, be sure to let us know how it goes!

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Start saving up your empty food bags of chips, cereal, frozen waffles etc and let them guess how many portions are in the bag. Give them 1800 calories a day (or what ever is appropriate for their age groups) then let them pick out foods that equal the the number of calories. Show them by going over 1 lite yogurt a day can equal 1 lb a month, and over 1 years that's 12 lbs. If there is a farmer's market with in walking distance, go check out the fruits/veggies, and let them pick out some unusual ones to try. Bring in food labels and teach them how to read them. But don't focus too much on calories, esp with the girls, as this is an influential time to develop anorexia and bulimia.

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Thanks for the tips guys! I got some great resources from today---they mailed me a box FULL of posters, worksheets, and booklets. I also have a few other websites that I think are going to be a great deal of help as well. I will let you know what my lessons cover as I get them together! Thanks!