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  1. I'm currently in the process of negotiating salary at my new full-time RN job. I have approximately 2 years of experience in aesthetics and clinical management. My new employer is requesting that I perform all aesthetic procedures, assist in managing the clinic, and assist in marketing. They do not offer benefits except 50% off cosmetic procedures. I'm curious what would be a reasonable salary to ask for?
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  3. by   JerseyGirl2010
    Hi Cosmetic RN,

    Unfortunately I don't know if I have the proper credentials to answer your question, but websites such as , , etc. might help. I'm in my last semester of nursing school and I'm very interested in working in a Plastic surgeons office. Do you know what these types of offices look for as far as experience? PACU or OR experience perhaps? Any insight would be greatly appreciated! And goodluck!!
  4. by   Rosshole
    Have you completed Nurse Anesthetist training?
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Quote from Rosshole
    Have you completed Nurse Anesthetist training?
    Do you mean nurse aesthetician training? As nurse anesthetist (CRNA) is a very different field from plastics/aesthetics/cosmetic surgery.
  6. by   Cosmetic RN
    A plastic surgeon's office is extremely difficult to get into with no experience. Prior to working in aesthetics, I worked at a medical-surgical unit for 6 months. Although I had limited experience, my personality and management skills was exactly what the plastic surgery clinic needed.

    I have not completed nurse anesthetist training since I have no desire to be a nurse anesthetist. However, I have taken a comprehensive training course in Botox and dermal fillers.
  7. by   napgiver
    Salaries vary greatly by state for plastic surgery nurses. I currently work in Manhattan in a busy 4 surgeon ambulatory center. I function as a RNFA, nurse injector and manager. I am a salaried employee with medical benefits, 401k and a six figure salary. I earn every penny of that as I am available every minute of every day to the surgeon I work for. It's a phenomenal job, but I work hard for every penny! I am currently attempting to get into CRNA school. I previously worked in the ICU before coming to plastics. The surgeons I work for are extremely supportive of this. A CRNA in a plastics practice is extremely beneficial!
  8. by   txtri02
    For some reason, this raises a giant red flag for me. The fact that this office is looking for a full time RN, but not willing to offer medical benefits sounds extremely weird. I would negotiate medical/retirement benefits.
  9. by   twinsmom788
    "A CRNA in a plastics practice is extremely beneficial!" I totally agree! Best of luck in school!!
  10. by   Future ScorpioRN
    Sounds like a red flag. If your going to be in charge of all aesthetic procedures,help managing clinic,and advertising but only get 50% off on cosmetic procedures is not good speaking as a massage therapist before you sign any contract read the fine print. Are you only being paid per procedure? During the time your helping management and advertising are you being paid hourly? The clients you bring in do you get to keep them? There are a lot of questions that should be asked. May I ask how big the spa is?

    I'm not exactly sure what city your in but some RNs get paid $21 procedure and then 40% in commission. Also are they using groupon? That will be a HUGE factor to consider and I would strongly advise against it. It would be great to gain clients and experience but if you don't know what your doing you could lose out on pay and not receive any return clients.
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  11. by   beverlyburn

    I am really interested in getting into the dermatology/aesthetics/plastic surgery field. It's actually my passion (mostly cosmetic dermatology). I'm completing prereqs and applying to schools. I wanted to know is there a preference of bsn over asn in the Manhattan area?? Also is there a way you could intern with a cna license or you must be RN licensed first???

    Is it a good idea to incorporate (dermatology and plastic surgery? into your nursing essay or will schools take offense

    P.S: This is my 1st post so any feedback is great...thank you!!!
  12. by   Anna S, RN
    I have a friend who just quit a job doing Botox and filler injections in Scottsdale. Pay was $30.per hr, no bennies. The owner of the business was a nurse, not a doc. I believe a doc should pay more.
  13. by   sky7
    Would love to know more as well.
  14. by   WestCoastNP
    I'm a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner working in a plastic surgery office in a high COL area. It's just me and the Plastic Surgeon. I do all of the non-surgical stuff (neuromodulators, full range of dermal fillers, laser/light for skin conditions, cyst/mole removals, etc). I earn a six figure base salary plus 15% of net profit for my side of the practice. This year I'll end up right around 200K. Full medical, dental, profit-sharing 401(k), paid holidays and no weekends. No call. Granted, I'm an NP and completely autonomous (just me and my front desk/patient coordinator 3 out of 5 days of the week). I would imagine compensation varies widely depending upon your training, related experience, location in which you practice, your business skills, etc.

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