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Advice on whether I should purchase Kaplan Review and Q Bank again

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Hi guys, Just wondered if anyone had some input on whether I should buy the $499 Kaplan Review with QBank again. Already had the review and did many many questions but unfortunately failed twice. I felt really good using the resources but obviously missed something.

Does anyone think I would benefit from using it again. Or should I just get a Kaplan study book with CD, a prioritizin and delegation book and maybe Nclex 4000 questions or Nclex made easy with 3500 question.

Thanks, Katie:coollook:


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I for one don't follow crowd but all the same you can as well save yourself from spending 2 much on kaplan review when you can have it FOC on the internet. The best review i can recommend is you.......... Read up your review book and understand each disease process. I don't believe in review class because in my own opinion is just a waste and ways of getting money from student who do not believe in there study ability. My sentence construction might be wrong but am one of the smartest nobody in terms of NCLEX. Wish you all the best! Get in touch if you need any help via pm channel.

Try the free online 3500 review and ExamCram Practice Qs. I highly recommend them. :up:

I'm not sure what the free online 3500 review is. Could you please direct me to where this is. Thanks,

I'm in the same situation, i just took my nclex the 2nd time last week and i fail.I don't know what to do now, i need everyone advice on what to do before i take the nclex the 3rd time. Please guys help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!