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Hello all! Well, my school hasn't given us any recommendations as far as reading or studying over the summer. I really want to read beforehand so things will come to me easier in class. Any suggestions for books or study giudes that would give me a leg up in class? thanks so much!

are just beginning nursing, or a&p. A little specific and you'll get showered with advice:)

Well, I have already taken all my prerecs (ie A&P, Micro, Biochem, etc.) What I was looking for was something to help me strictly in the clinical application, as far as nursing procedures. Thanks! :)

JessJoy, My suggestion to you or anyone else who wants advice would be to keep reviewing your A/P make sure you have it down real solid. IF you have never taken a medical terminology class I strongly suggest running to your nearest bookstore and buying a medical terminology workbook and start learning the terms you will be so much further ahead if you do so. Also buy a drug dosage math book and start learning all about drug calculations. That would be my suggestion.

I asked my instuctors the same question and these are the suggestions that they gave me.

1. Keep reviewing A&P

2. Brush up on your math skills.

3. Learn as many medical roots as you can (they might help with that one question that you don't quite know the answer to).

Springhouse has some excellent things available including "Quiz me on Drugs", "Assessment Made the Incredibly Easy", etc.

Find out what text books you will be using and start reading before you start classes (your instructor's may give you a syllabus before you start). This will help in the beginning. Even though you might not totally understand what you are reading, it will at least sound familiar to you when lectures start and you can put the puzzle together faster!!

Good luck!

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