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Hello, not sure if anyone can help me...

I am a uk registered mental health nurse. I have been qualified 14 years now and worked in all settings but primarily child and adolescent mental health. My jobs have covered extensive areas, from crisis to teaching education staff. I am just about to submit me and my family's VISA request via EE, PN (Alberta hopefully) and also the healthcare pathway as you can be under multiple pathways. Our points are average but we hope to gain PN. 

so, to the point. I am going through the NNAS process. It's been an absolute headache and although with my experience and attending one of the most prominent universities I am being realistic about likely getting a not comparable report. I wanted to know;

has any Mental health nurse been through this system?

Has any mental health nurse come back with comparable or somewhat comparable on their NNAS?

has anyone managed to get a registration to practice in Canada? If so how long did it take and what did you need to do. 

also what jobs did you do in Canada whist waiting for all of this to happen? 

I love being a psych nurse but also know this is going to be a multi year process! So looking for some practical tips for life and work out there. This has been our dream for years so I am happy to consider any work in a related field! And another nurse mentioned a psychiatric technician role as a possible option. Anyone know about this? 

thanks in advance nursing family ?


Hello did it work out for you?

 A mental health nurse in Uk and want to go to USA 

is it possible?

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