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Advice/Opinions on Nursing Schools

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Hello everyone, I'm planning on going back to school in August after a 7 year hiatus. I was really hoping to be able to start fresh, however the state of Florida doesn't allow you to retake any grades that received a C or higher. I started College as a high school student and to say I screwed up is a understatement. I wasn't mature enough to handle my new found freedom. Now i'm in a tough situation, do i go back to my community college and try desperately to clean up the mess I made? (knowing that I probably won't get in, because one of my C's was in psych 101 which is a nursing perquisite) Or do I bite the bullet and go to a school like Keiser? Where I know I'm going to be paying about 4 times the amount, but i'm guaranteed to get in? Also, I know my overall plan is to get my masters and be a Nurse Practitioner, will Kesier's credits transfer to a University like USF? Do hospitals like Kesier graduates?

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Good day, ACallin:

Stay with nationally accredited schools to save yourself money and headaches -- not only now, but down the road should you require or desire additional edition. Look at transferring to a local community college to start up. All those credits that transfer... guess what? They transfer as non GPA related items. You reset your entire GPA. Going to a nationally accredited community college will help save money as well.

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check with your original college, here all pre-reqs cannot be older then 5 years, so you might have to retake them any how. thus improving your grade.

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I don't think it is a state law, it is up to the school. I would look at other schools that would allow you to retake. Going to a private, for profit college is a huge mistake. No hospitals do not like them because they do admit anyone. They are only interested in your money!! They prey on people in your exact situation. You made mistakes in high school and now they need to be fixed. Don't compound one mess with another. Go talk to advisors at different schools and see where you stand.

I was told by my original school SPC that there was nothing they could do to help me, they won't even allow me to retake Biology when I have to retake the lab anyway.


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A C isn't a great grade, but it's not horrible, look around to other community colleges in your area and see where you have the best chance to get in. if that fails, are you in a position to relocate for school?

First of all, congrats on deciding to go back to school. And you should go to school where ever you would like. Keiser credits (most private school credits) do not transfer but they do have a NP program. And the Keiser down the street from me is accredited by the same people that accredit a major university down here...just do your research. And check with whatever school you choose to attend about retaking your classes. Some schools in FLA allow this and some don't. Best of luck to you!

"State policy specifies that students may not repeat courses for which a grade of “C” or higher has been earned except by appeal to an associate provost. Students may repeat a course one time without penalty. On the third attempt, students will pay the full cost of instruction. In addition to any required lab or special fees, the full cost of instruction rate for 2012-2013 is $380.90 per credit hour. In addition, on the third attempt students may NOT receive a grade of “I,” “W,” or “X,” but must receive the letter grade earned. The grade on the final last attempt with the exception of a “W” grade will be the grade that will be calculated into the overall grade point average. (Developmental courses do not average into the grade point average)."

According to your school you are correct, however there is an exception. I would try and put an appeal to repeat in, and say that you were having depression issues and you didn't do well, but that isn't who you are, and that these grades do not actually represent you. I know a lot of people who have put in appeals to repeat and as long as you have a decent reason, and not "i just didn't care at the time", "i thought school was stupid", you have a chance of repeating it.

(though I'm not entirely sure what your school is, this was taken from SPC in Flordia)

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can you send me a link to where it says this? I'd like to print it out and bring it in.

I wasn't very sure about the school being correct but its what came up with SPC and Florida in google.

Heres the link

Syllabus Addendum

I know where you are coming from because I was out of school for 13 years and recently went back. I dropped out when my father passed and at that point, I simply stopped going completely and accepted whatever they gave me. Most the workers in the admission offices and financial aid will tell you information, but wont tell you that there are exceptions to the rules. What I did was get a college catalog that listed all the policies so when the employees tried to give me bad information or refuse a request I had the proof that they were wrong.

I really appreciate the response. SPC Florida is the correct School. I went through my wind shield my senior year of High School, which was my second year of college. So i have a bunch of medical information I can provide from my head injury. I just couldn't seem to stay focused and i missed too many classes. Now I'm 25 and so incredibly ready to go back and make something of myself. I know I would be an awesome nurse, I just have to get my foot in the door and make them listen to me. All the counselors have been incredibly dismissive of me. I've written 11 e-mails to two different schools and only received 3 responses. All of them telling me I was out of luck. I wish that you had the option of a clean slate after 5 years or so.

Ah, I'm sorry to hear about your accident. If you provide them with the medical documents to back up your story then I'd think you will have a pretty decent chance in getting it approved. After reviewing some of the policies at that school I notice they seem to be pretty strict compared to other schools in other states when it comes to disregarding a semester with academic renewal, or grade repetition. Just remember most school policies will have exclusions for reasons that are out of the students control. I wish you the best of luck on your journey to become a nurse, and don't give up if its what you want!