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Good day! :wavey: I am considering trying my luck as a nurse in New Zealand. Can anyone here help me and tell me what to expect in the 2-3months competency assessment? Is it really like... Read More

  1. by   juella
    Quote from seventhdust
    hi guys,

    I was reading this very informative thread due to my interest in applying for a nursing post in nz. I am currently processing my papers, in fact i just got home from manila (I am from Olongapo) and had a very tiring day at DFA and PRC. I just wonder why posts got scarce unlike in 2007. What are the updates? How are the previous posters doing? are you in NZ already? If so, how is llife there? The weather? Living conditions? SALARY?

    Anyone who could share some updates would be greatly appreciated.

    Seventhdust here, an applicant originally bound for Canada but is trying his luck to pursue his dreams in New Zealand.

    May God bless all our endeavors! Kudos!

    hi! did you process all your papers on your own? i read some of the very first postings. it's like telling me to do things on my own. and i certainly prefer that. did you went to NZ embassy here to clarify certain things? thanks!
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  3. by   tong2moca
    i agree with retsminaeb's post.. the websites he/she provided will answer most if not all of your questions.. if you want Philippines-specific processing details, nurse2nz will be the best option.. goodluck to all of your future endeavors...
  4. by   seventhdust

    i am with an agency EDI to be specific but I am considering to be independent since I have already processed the papers on my own, I will be looking into the possibility of being hired directly by employers when I get a positive response from the NCNZ. I agree with one poster that nurse2nz helps a lot. Try reading all their posts,all information that you will be needing in processing your papers is already posted (step by step).

    Good luck to all of us!
  5. by   adangerousbeauty
    hi. How much would we be spending (Php) to be able to work in NZ? Inclusive of all expenses before arriving at NZ and how long does it take to complete the processing provided the documents are already at hand? Thanks
  6. by   adangerousbeauty
    @misterpogeinspace: i believe your reply was deleted. Pleas send me a PM. thank you
  7. by   seventhdust
    hi reeyah, as stated by other forumers, go to they have all the infos that you will be needing for the realization of your NZ dream
  8. by   nursemich
    Im going to start my application too. That blogspot is very helpful...It provides step by step process. Thank you
  9. by   seventhdust
    hi nursemich goodluck on your application
  10. by   nursemich
    Goodluck to you too seventhdust. Like you, I also have application in Canada, but the process there gradually got snailed..
    I have just filled up the necessary forms. On my off duty, I'l go to Manila for authentication of my docs.
  11. by   seventhdust

    are you also form mercan, if you are, we are both in the same boat...
  12. by   nalene
    hello guyz,

    i am one of those who started application in nz in was worth all the hard work...i did all the leg work by myself and i would say its worth it...guludk guyz
  13. by   seventhdust
    hi nalene, how long did it take you before you were deployed to new zealand.. thanks