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Hi I have been informed by Mt Royal College, that they had a cancellation next week and can fit me in for the SEC IEN assessment. I am like WWWWW HHHHHAAATTTTTT and thought I will give it a shot.... Read More

  1. by   frustratednurse
    What book do you recommend to review prior to a SEC assessment? Thanks
  2. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I don't think there's one special book to use for SEC review... because SEC is individualized to the person being assessed. The information covered by the assessment will depend on the areas the candidate is weak in. So what are your knowledge deficits? Use a book that covers those.
  3. by   johnbrew
    for those who will take their SEC assessment. in which province of canada will you take your SEC? I also applied in saskatchewan,canada and now I'm still waiting for their assessment.
    Good luck to those who will take their SEC.
    Cheers to all.
  4. by   frustratednurse
    I have an ongoing assessment in CARNA and will be flying in Canada this september just in case they require me to take SEC, however my problem is I can't visualize what SEC would really be like. I hope I could prepare myself prior to the assessment.
  5. by   5cats
    If you check the SEC threads, the link to Mount Royal website is there, examples are there.

  6. by   johnbrew
    search other thread. i read some thread on the flow of SEC assessment before.
  7. by   meet
    I have read your posts regarding SEC assessment, really helpful!
    I am still confused about the clinical as well as tripple jump. Also, about the critical thinking scenarios- are
    they really difficult or somewhat easy. If you can remember some the overall questions in your exam, please
    let me know. I will highly appreciate your concern.
  8. by   jklvancouver
    I am from France, applying for registration in BC, and the CRNBC asked me to do a SEC in General nursing (medicine+surgery) which I am doing next week...
    I received a self assessment form to complete, am a bit confused about it, could anyone help me with it? do I have to provide examples of my experience (I'm afraid I'm going to repeat myself in each question...) could anyone tell me what they put on the form??
  9. by   pvs17
    hi! thanks to everyone who's been sharing their experiences in SEC. i'll be taking it too this september (all 4 areas)... i had been adviced by the others who are preparing for the exam to read mosby's or lippincott's comprehensive review to acquaint myself in the canadian setting...
    i'd like to ask if you know how to answer the self assessment form. i've read that they want evidences. does it mean that i need to tell them how i do things in the hospital? do i have to add my rationale for doing such actions?
    hope you guys can help me... thanks a lot!
  10. by   johnbrew
    may i know how long did you wait before they required you to take your SEC? do you have hospital experience? do you already have your visa? in which province of canada did you applied? which country are you from?
    thanks . . . im hoping to hear from you . . .
  11. by   emmyrn
    Hi Narmeen,
    i was really encouraged from your posts on SEC has given me a clear picture of actually what happens there...if you dont mind,just wanted to know the outcome of it and further instructions from the nursing board as i am also required to go through it...your help is greatly appreciated...God Bless!
  12. by   pvs17
    hi guys,
    just wanted to ask if the sec will individually cover medsurg, ob, peds & psyche or will it be incorporated in the whole exam?
  13. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    SEC assessments are individualized to the candidate. Please read the following: