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  1. by   whirlwind
    hello to everyone,
    can anybody give insight as what best to do when cno replied that bsn degree in the phils is not equivalent to the bsn degree of ontario and that gave an option that if an applicant is satisfied that the nsg program completed is not equivalent with what they have in ontario then one can withdraw the current application and be provided direction regarding the further education required to complete and meet their current bsn program.
    so it means once you withdraw, thats the only time they will provide further education requirements...meaning too that we will start all over again with the application/registration once we completed such program?
    if you still have no immigrant status or no possible employer, how can we push through with such bsn program?
    i am aware that there is this so called bridging program or clinical elements that needed completion.. is this only offered in canada?
    is not years of experience as a nurse in the phils and other country like the middle east be counted? and how much years do they require?
    sorry guys for such queries... m still depressed because of this application status i have with cno.
    i emailed my assessor and still waiting for her reply...
    and that i thought of voicing out my queries in this site..
    hope you would enlighten me..
    many thanks...godbless

  2. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    The CNO has the ultimate authority over who may practice nursing in Ontario. They have a mandate to assess every applicant against a very clearly defined list of standards and competencies. ALL applicants must meet these requirements, no matter where they were educated. If CNO has said that your BSN isn't equivalent to the education a person would receive by being educated to the BSN level in Ontario, you have no real option but to accept that. Just as curricula vary from province to province and state to state, so too do they vary from country to country. The bottom line is, if you want to work as a registered nurse in Ontario, you must be educated to the same standard as those educated in Ontario. Period. There is no point in keeping your application open if you are going to require further education, because there's no guarantee that it will be accomplished in a given amount of time. You may be able to get the information as to what areas need further learning without withdrawing your application, but you still won't be given a practice permit until you've completed the program and passed all the exams. You must meet their requirements and then reapply. CNO would be in the best position to advise you on where and how to obtain the additional education. As far as I know, the bridging program you speak of is for people who have already obtained resident status. CNO is not discounting your experience at this point, simply your education. At the same time, that brings up the question of defining "nursing experience". Nursing assitants have some degree of nursing experience (vital signs, skin care, oral care, specimen collection and so on) but because they do not have the required education to be registered they could not be permitted to practice as a registered nurse anywhere. Who decides? The regulatory bodies. Bottom line. Sorry, I know that's not what you wanted to hear.
  3. by   suzanne4
    Please be aware that even all BSN programs in your country do not meet the requirements for licensure in the US, and in particular CA.

    The title of the degree does not mean that you have had required clinical and theory hours in all of the required areas to meet the requirements for licensure. This is why there is an assessment done on each transcript that is submitted. And sometimes it is hours in more of the science classes that are required.

    And to add into this:

    Requirements need to be met of the country/province/state that one wishes to work in. Not all trainings are going to be accepted by all of the above. You are required to meet their standards, they do not need to alter their rules that they have in place to meet your needs.

    This is a standard item and is in place in all countries. They want a nurse that meets their requirements and skill level if caring for their patients.
  4. by   dopey&dopier
    Dear Whirlwind,

    Hi there...let me just tell you that I do empathise with what you r going thru!!!

    Have you received a decision letter from CNO yet??

    From what I understood, if one's educational background does not satisfy CNO's standard for BSN in Ontario and if you are offered (as an option) to complete an additional nursing education in a school/university that will help you meet this requirement, your file remains active/open but you have to complete the program at certain time frame CNO gives you and yes, they only offer this programs for IEN's in their country!

    Second of all, they do take into consideration your experience in nursing.

    I know that you have emailed your assessor but just a suggestion, why not try ringing him/her if your not getting an answer. It is worth a try and you can certainly do that! I think, discussing your case over the phone is a lot better and more satisfying rather than emails.

    I hope this helps! Let me know how you get on!!

  5. by   zuzi
    Wirlwind, please tell me what is your status now? You are in Canada and if yes under what type of visa? PM me! Hugs Zuzi!
  6. by   angel19

    As what the others are saying in this forum the CNO has the ultimate authority of who may practice nursing in Ontario.

    Just like you, my case is almost exactly the same as yours. when i applied in november they also told me that my nursing degree in the Philippines is not equivalent with the baccalaureate degree they have here in Ontario and with that letter is a withdrawal form. Without thinking much about it i signed and fax it back to them coz i wanted to be given direction on what to do next. on their next letter, they told me that my file is now closed and with that that in order to meet the program requirement i am required to successfully complete the BACCALAUREATE DEGREE IN NSG. This can be achieved through completion of the bridging program for internationally educated nurse or collaborative nsg program. With that letter too are some schools were this programs are offered.

    And with that assessment from CNO, I inquired with 1 of the schools but they told me that the baccalaureate program will take me 3 years.

    I dont wanna add some more disappointment but that was what the school in-charge of the program told me. Yes, it will take me 3 years.

    As with some of your questions, the bridging program is only offered here in Ontario coz thats were you apply (remember, every province have their own qualifications, standards and rules). You must be physically be here in Ontario to take that program too.

    God bless and i hope that you wont be discouraged.
  7. by   angel19
    hello everyone!

    any one here who could give me suggestions:

    I am an RN back in the Philippines but according to the assessment of CNO my degree is not equivalent to the BACCALAUREATE DEGREE IN NURSING required to register here as a nurse in Ontario. The baccalaureate degree can be achieved by completion of the bridging program for internationally educated nurses. CNO said that it was only a diploma equivalent here in Ontario.

    Could anyone here suggest or know what job I can do now (inline with nursing or any medical field) without going back to school right now. Colleges and/or Universities will not start till September yet.

    suggestions are warmly appreciated. thanks and god bless!
  8. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    About all you'll be able to do without officially sanctioned credentials is work as a nursing assistant.
  9. by   whirlwind
    thank you so much to all who gave their insights/advice... it gave me disappointment but also gave me "friends" who consoled..

    anyhow, f/up qs: if for example, i wont withdraw the application, did not sign and send the withdrawal form, is cno still compelled to close it without my authorization? is the file still active?
    and if i provide them with job descriptions of my present and previous work experience,(in which the registration commitee asked inorder to assist them for assessment and evaluation) does it count? is the application still active? or for closure?

    sorry for the trouble....

    i know every applicant has to strictly comply with every institutions' laws and policies... but i still have the curiosity to ask some doubts...

    thanks for the consideration...godbless
  10. by   lenjoy03
    To Filipino nurses who works in Ontario. Just one question, if I take an MA here for a year, maybe around 10-12 units, would it be already equivalent to a graduate school?
  11. by   dopey&dopier
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]After a long, frustrating six months....

    I just rang CNO to update myself to see if they have received some files I sent them week

    before last, in support of my application.

    Guess what?? I got through....Im eligible to take the exam...I was in shock...I asked the

    lady to repeat almost everythig she was saying...I just couldn't believe what I

    was hearing ....

    My heart and my mind had accepted the fact that it will take another two

    months before the CNO decide on my case...but here it is .... Im just so elated...

    Getting this far and being able to receive this decision was really difficult
  12. by   whirlwind
    u really deserve it...
  13. by   loriangel14