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  1. Hai anybody heard about New Vision Canada? I came across this site and thought it was genuine so I filled in their entry form thinking it would speed up my Canada Immigration and they contacted me immediately. They asked me to send some of my documents which I did. First it was ****** and then ****** who contacted me, they said a western Ontario hospital employer has selected me. They said to initiate the process and forward the agreement and the contract I have to pay CAD 6000 and the employer pays 6000 so in total 12000 CAD. I was asked to pay 3000 initially and the rest before I take the flight to Canada. So I generated the money in two days time which they gave me and wire transferred to them in first week of April 2012. They told me that they were going to apply for LMO. In last week of June they said my LMO was approved and they were waiting for contract from the employer. Nothing happened after that, I contacted them in August and they told it will happen soon and if I was impatient they would return the money. So I thought I will wait for 1 more week. The last mail I got from them was on August 18th. I sent so many e- mails to **** and **** after that but no reply. Has anybody heard of this agency? They say their office is in Brampton. Thanks
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  3. by   steppybay
    Hate to say this, but it sounds like a scam job to me.

    I would immediately call the local Canadian police to see if there's still a real office there or is it one of those postal drop boxes? The police may not actually go there, but maybe you can find someone local with the address to look to see what's there.

    Guys, please don't start sending money, even a peso or dollar, until you can actually talk to anyone who actually used their services (yes, I know they could put their mother, father, brother, sister, a friend, a scammer friend, but try to ask for several references).

    It's much harder to lose the money and never see it again if one takes the time to do the investigation before hand. Good luck and let's hope I'm wrong and it's a legit company.
  4. by   loriangel14
    You have been scammed.I checked out the website. For one thing, they say they provide immigration services.Only Citizenship and Immigration Canada can do that. As for the other services, they are simply charging outrageous prices for things you can easily do yourself.They say they offer placement services.Canadian citizens are struggling to find work in the nursing field, no employer will be recruiting foreign nurses.In order to work as a nurse in Canada you must obtain the appropriate visa. For right now they are not accepting any applications for will reopen in 2013 and no one knows if RNs will be on the FSW list. You also have to apply to the college of nurse for a nursing license.They will assess your education and experience and determine if you meet the requirements needed to write the CRNE.The CRNE is only offered 3 times a year so if you get permission to write you will have to wait for a date to come up.This whole process could take from several months to over a year.I suspect that they would be trying to place you in low paying non nursing jobs once you get here as you would have to have a license to work a a nurse.With no visa you could not work here in any capacity
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Really sounds like a scam, suggest you check CIC website there should be a list of acceptable consultants and I think you will find it is illegal for them to charge you for finding work.
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Working temporary in Canada requires a LMO and once it has been issued you can apply to your local Canadian embassy for a Temp Work Permit and before the OK to get one will be given a medical will be required. You can not work in healthcare without passing a medical and your TWP will state this on it.

    Suggest you read this link Immigrate the right way
  7. by   Maryjoje
    Thanks guys, I know I need LMO, I was only searching if I could get a job offer to apply for TWP or hopefully speeding up my FSW PR. I posted this so that another nurse will not fall a pray to New vision Canada and be scammed of their hard earned money. I know now thanks very much.
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  8. by   passredskins1
    really sorry about what happened.... sounds like a scam.
    no company in good business will take that long to respond to calls and email
  9. by   Maryjoje
    Thanks very much
  10. by   nmlola
    Hello. I just came across your post. I am not sure if you already know but i located the address of the New Vision Canada head office, the store in suite 215 , 338queen street east brampton is a store that sells remote control cars.
  11. by   rockbiju
    Can i have you email ID? I know how to get them exactly. Trust me....Pleaseeeeeeeee