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  1. hello allnurses,

    I am new in this forum, I would like to seek for your help regarding registered nurses license verification for visa screen purposes. I am outside United States and I will be needing the visa screen to complete my requirements for employment and immigration.

    However I tried to research and found nothing on Texas BON website regarding this procedure. My original NCLEX is registered in CABON but was endorsed to Texas.

    Visa screen by CGFNS requires all licenses issued by the homecountry and in United States. I tried to email texas bon thru the address posted in their website but there was no response. I tried looking for answers in other forums and blogs but have found nothing.

    I hope you can help me, kindly enlighten me. Thank you and more power.
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  3. by   Esme12
    The Texas BON will not have VISA information thread moved for best response.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    the verification form required should be in the VSC handbook
  5. by   nahel
    Hello, thank you all for the responses.

    I have already downloaded the verification form from CGFNS website for the visa screen, but as to how should I send it to Texas BON and for the corresponding fee and other requirements, those I still do not know the answer and was not able to find it in their website.

    Hope that somebody could enlighten me with the procedure.

    Thank you in advance and more power allnurses!
  6. by   nahel
    To all nurses :

    Thanks God finally got an answer from texas BON costumer sevice. I tried to patiently call them, emailed them and faxed them at the numbers posted in their website. The inquiry for license verification for a foreign educated nurse like me who need to obtain a visa screen in cgfns should do the following:

    1. Send the license verification form printed from the website of for visa screen.
    2. Place a bankdraft of 25 USD payable to Texas BON.

    The same license verification fee from one state to another state that is mentioned in their website.

    Below is the exact response from Texas BON

    To Me

    Thank you for contacting the Texas Board of Nursing. In regards to your concern, please submit a Verification of Licensure form along with a personal check, cashier's check, or money order in the amount of $25.00 (per copy,, and if requesting certification to more than one state or country, the charge is per state or country) for processing fee. I hope that this answers your inquiry and please contact the webmaster with any additional questions.

    Please send to:
    Texas Board of Nursing
    333 Guadalupe St STE 3-460
    Austin Texas 78701

    Praise God for a clear response. Sharing this information to everyone. God bless us all!
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  7. by   ladyLyn05
    Hi! I'm a newbie here. I am currently working out my visa screen. Originally, I passed my nclex in CABON and endorsed it to texas. can someone help me on how to fill out the application form for visa screening. I don't have a social security number. I don't even know if I will put expired because before it expires I endorsed it to TX BON. TIA.
  8. by   aicari
    Anyone who passed NCLEX BON Ca then endorsed to Tx finish with their visa screen? I read somewhere that Tx validation is the only US license validation required since Ca never issued a license. But I read somewhere that it is required. Tips pls.Thanks.
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    You do not need a licence to validate passing NCLEX. CA will for a small fee confirm pass of NCLEX to CGFNS for VSC. This has been done for many years by many people
  10. by   aicari
    Quote from Silverdragon102
    You do not need a licence to validate passing NCLEX. CA will for a small fee confirm pass of NCLEX to CGFNS for VSC. This has been done for many years by many people
  11. by   nalene
    I am also processing my CGFNS Visa Screen and requires the license validation from ORegon BON..I have tried emailing them several times to no avail…I do not know where to send the forms and what steps to do…I hope someone could help…thanks
  12. by   Elijahtoot
    Hi nahel. I have the same concerns. I passed NCLEX RN CALIFORNIA then applied for reciprocity at TEXAS. I am processing my visa screen right now. Are you saying that I have to verify both my CALIFORNIA NCLEX PASSING and TEXAS LICENSE? If so, should I send the verification form on the VHS handbook? I am asking this because according to the VHS handbook, I just need to send verification form from which state I passed the exam. Please enlighten me. Thanks.

    Here is the excerpt from the VHS handbook:

    "Nurses who passed the NCLEX-RN® must send a Request for Validation of License/Registration/Diploma form to the state board
    of nursing where they passed the NCLEX-RN®. The board of nursing confirm your examination information and return the form
    directly to ICHP as part of your VisaScreen® application."
  13. by   aicari
    Help! I requested for a demand draft of $25...but i placed Texas Bon. Will I have any problem with my payment? I think it should have been Texas Board of Nursing. i still have the draft. Please advise.
  14. by   elijahzachary
    Hi. Hows your application? My nclex has been endorse from cali to texas. To which state should i verify my nclex? Thanks