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I have applied for a work visa for the position as a dialysis nurse. I was filed last april 1 2009 and was wondering when will i get to have a visa? Anyone with a similar status of mine???:specs:... Read More

  1. by   boracay beach
    isa Screen requires passing an English exam. IELTS is one that will meet that requirement, TOEFL is another test that you can take. Didn't you have to take an English exam prior to getting admitted to grad school? I know I did. You don't need to take the CGFNS exam at all.

    Thank you first of all, and yes I did took GRE, TOEFL way back more than 3 years ago it is expired already, and I did not get good score in speaking so need to do it again, I am a good student with nice GPA
    I am wondering will they waive the English requirement if I have experience studying in USA as a graduate student?
    Also what is mean by you don't need to take CGFNS? if I have to endorse my license in other state says CGFNS required state how would I endorse it, should I give CGFNS again? can you pls write about it too?
    Thank you again,
  2. by   juan de la cruz
    Quote from boracay beach
    I am wondering will they waive the English requirement if I have experience studying in USA as a graduate student?
    It's worth asking CGFNS directly since they decide on that in terms of Visa Screen.

    Quote from boracay beach
    Also what is mean by you don't need to take CGFNS? if I have to endorse my license in other state says CGFNS required state how would I endorse it, should I give CGFNS again? can you pls write about it too?
    Thank you again,
    If you are endorsing your RN license to a state that requires CGFNS exam, then you need to take it. The states that still require the CGFNS certification program (or exam) are: Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Louisiana, Montana, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Wisconsin. See: http://www.cgfns.org/sections/tools/...irements.shtml
  3. by   boracay beach
    Thank you Juan,
    I really appreciate your suggestion and information,

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  4. by   louieb
    Hi guys, i was browsing my email and have read several msgs with my previous employe, it was year 2009, im just curious what if i took the chance and dont know if i should regret this or not, i was not able to comply with the requirements and also i was having second thought if it was for real, theres a money matter also involved that im gonna pay if ever i pursue it. Here are some of the msgs sent to me by a lawyer and employer.. pls give me your opinions guys im really curious now.

    In regards to your questions, please review the following information:

    *1. If you would like to apply for an immigrant visa you would have to speak directly with your employer (***ToS no names of employers***) and find out whether or not they are willing to do this type of visa application for you. *At this point the H1B visa is already in process and is awaiting approval from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. *This H1B visa, if approved, will allow you to come to the U.S.legally and work in the U.S. legally; you can then discuss options for an immigrant visa with your employer.

    *2. Please take the IELTS as soon as possible so that the scores can be submitted for the purposes of obtaining your CGFNS/Visa Screen Certificate

    .*3. You will have to pay for the visa screen certificate. *If you would like to discuss other payment arrangements or possible reimbursement, you will have to discuss that directly with your employer.

    *4. You will submit the letter from California, regarding the passage of your NCLEX-RN, so that you may obtain your visa screen certificate. *It is not a problem that you do not yet have a permanent license, because the passage of the exam demonstrates that you are capable of being an RN in the U.S. *You cannot obtain a permanent license number until you provide the Board with your social security number, and you cannot obtain a social security number until your H1B is approved. *However, this will not affect your ability to obtain the visa screen certificate.*I hope that these responses are helpful for you. *Please contact our office if you have any questions or concerns during the process of obtaining your CGFNS certificate.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (Name of firm removed per ToS) * * * *

    ***Your visa application is for H1B , * and you have to stick to that for now. You are responsible for all your fees to get your papers together. There will be no reimbursement of any kind.*
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  5. by   louieb
    Back in 2009 my employer was offering me h1b visa or working visa, but that time i did a research that h1b is for specialty occupation which i am not qualified at that time because i dont even hve hospital experience back then, my employer knew it. But still theyre willing to file for h1b which i think is a 50/50 situation and also i will be paying for all the fees as they have stated to the message sent to me. Now my question is, how come they seem to be like 100percent sure im gonna have h1b visa? While my friends and co nurses tell me that h1b is not usually given bcoz there is high risk of getting denied.. Is it because im gonna pay for the fee and not them so it doesnt bother them once denied?
  6. by   louieb
    Or maybe the UScis is not so strict when giving h1b visa to nurses back in 2009? Idk, i just thought about it if it does matter? Thank you guys in advance
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    They have to pay H1b fees not you, that is part and parcel of H1b, you however pay for licensing and visa screen fees

    Also add H1b is finished for this year unless they facility is exempt from the cap like a university
  8. by   misswoosie
    1. As H-1B is for specialty occupations defined as requiring AT LEAST a BACHELORS degree for entry (which nursing in the US does not) USCIS (according to my attorneys) are very suspicious of H-1B applications for nursing positions, unless for Nurse Practitioner or Clinical Nurse Specialists which require a MSN and licensing.They told me that you stand a higher chance of H-1B being approved if the job title contains any/some of the words manager/coordinator/research , but it's also dependant on the job duties/responsibilities/experience required. This is because any position has to be given a title from the O NETT list of titles/descriptions.Sometimes the job title may seem a little way out eg my husband is a Health services researcher-Masters required, but there is no O'NETT title of HS researcher so the job title on his applications say Epidemiologist, because the duties and educational requirements were the ones that most closely matched his. (See below)
    2.I had heard of experienced dialysis and ICU nurses without Bachelors degrees and not with a huge number of years experience getting H-1Bs but I wouls caution that in the US they have been auditing companies and checking that people working on H-1Bs are doing jobs that qualified for the visa. Seems like some companies were using false job descriptions/ titles/salaries so that they could get visas for employees. I haven't heard of any hospitals being audited, but I have a feeling that any nurses on H1-B will be employed by agencies, rather than directly by hospitals

    Regarding O NETT- any RN bedside nursing position , even an ICU nurse falls into job zone 3-medium preparation needed and aroind 60% only have an Associates degree.

    29-1141.00 - Registered Nurses

    Unlike a bedside RN a Health Services Manager is job zone 5 and more than 90% have a Bachelors or higher
    11-9111.00 - Medical and Health Services Managers
    Clinical research coordinator is zob zone 4 and 50% have a Bachelors degree, but few have Masters
    11-9121.01 - Clinical Research Coordinators

    I thought you would have to have IELTS and credentials evaluation via CGFNS for the visa screen certificate, and then this would need to go to the Cal BON who would then allow (or not) allow you to sit NCLEX.

    The whole purpose of visa screen is to "pre-screen" RNs to check that they meet the requirements for a US RN license prior to even looking at a visa application.
    It's the same if it's a Green card application.

    Sorry manybe I misunderstood, but it seems a little back to front to me.

    As for the H-1B attorneys and filing fees the employer MUST pay these for H1-B.
    Visa screen certificate you can pay for yourself- it's a drop in the ocean at a few hundred $$$ compared to the cost of an H-1B -around $10,000