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I am in need of some personal advice and who better to ask then all of you!!

I have suffered from something now for going on 7 years. This something causes severe depression, constipation, dry skin, brittle/dry hair, the list goes on.

Sounds a lot like a thyroid disorder right??

I was diagnosed 3 years ago as being crazy!! No joke, those were the words she said.

Two weeks later a separate doctor said I was having thyroiditis. It will go away after a few months and will probably not reoccur. WRONG!!

I have had 2 more spells since then. The last I went back to my doctor but because my labs were somewhat normal he said it was GI not the above.

Now I am experiencing the same s/s and I thankfully have opted to see a new set of eyes.

I can not keep living this way and yet they all say there is nothing wrong. My labs are consistent with Hoshimotos but because they never fall below the line they say no, even though my levels are as close as you can get without being low or high.

How can I get someone to listen. At this point if I could remove it I would. It is affecting everything I do and I just want to be my old self again. Am I crazy for continuing to pursue this??

It's against the terms of service to offer medical advice. If I were you... I would consult the best endocrinologist in town.

Best wishes.

See an endocrinologist as suggested above. Seriously, just do it.

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As mentioned we can not offer medical advice. Please ask your pcp for referral for peace of mind if nothing else.

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