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Advice needed please


i'm nearly 29 weeks pregnant and i have just lost a bit of clear jelly like mucous. is this some of the plug? Any advice is greatly appreciaited. x

Jolie, BSN

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i'm nearly 29 weeks pregnant and i have just lost a bit of clear jelly like mucous. is this some of the plug? Any advice is greatly appreciaited. x

Any change in vaginal discharge during pregnancy should be promptly reported to your doc or midwife.

Early s/s of pre-term labor can include watery or lightly blood-tinged vaginal discharge, intermittant cramping, pain or pressure in the thighs, back or abdomen. I'm not trying to worry you, but I do think that you should call your provider.

Take care.

i spent time at the hospital being checked out. i have no signs of labour luckily, but still dont know if it was the a bit of the plug or not. i havent gone into work today to do my 14 hr shift as worried in case i did go into labour. i have a to go to my doc tomorrow for my antenatal. i feel fine but it was scarey.


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The passing of one's mucus plug is of no significance clinically. If they say you are ok after being checked out, relax and take it easy. Don't borrow trouble. I wish doctors would tell patients when the plug passes it does NOT mean anything regarding the imminence of labor! Good luck to you.

Plus, there are all kinds of changes while you are pregnant and it could just be normal vaginal discharge.

Good to ask questions and have it checked out though.


steph :)

just found out i have a bacterial infection and can cause pre term labour if not treated. They dont know what causes this infection, probably due to hormones. i have just been prescribed metronidazole 400mg x2 daily for 5 days. been through all docs even consultant to check this is ok. all said ok but i hate taking them. still worried it could affect my baby. :o

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{{{uk_nurse}}} When I was 5 mo preg with my son, I had a UTI that caused me to go into pre-term labor. I was put on IV antibiotic, then switched to po when discharged. The baby was fine.

In these situations, you have to weigh risk vs benefit. There is greater benefit to not going into pre-term labor, than the med, esp since all the docs have cleared it for you.

Most drug effects are worst in the first trimetster. Your little one is well on it's way to being formed, now it's a lot of growing and fine-tuning. Best wishes to you!!


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I am glad you got checked out. Hopefully that will be the end of your grief! The drug they prescribed is commonly used in 2nd and 3rd trimester pregnancy, safely. They MUST treat the infection, or you are at huge risk of preterm labor and delivery. You know in this case, the risk definately would be outweighed by the benefits of treatment! Good luck to you! ((Hugs)))

thankyou hoolahan and smilingblueyes i do feel much better. i know i must be treated and have taken my antibiotics. you are a great comfort and i dont want to go into pre term labour. Thanks again :)

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