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My little brother is having a problem with lice. We have done the shampoo treatment and have combed out the eggs from his hair and they always seem to come back. Is there anything prescription strength that we could use?


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I don't know but you are making my head itch just talking about it.

Buy a Rombi Comb. They have them for about 30 dollars at Walgreens or Rite Aid. It works great without all the chemicals.

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For kids with really bad lice we'll generally use prescription strength lice shampoo and then put olive oil on their heads before bed, then comb it out in the morning. The olive oil coats and kills the eggs.

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You also have to treat the house, his room, the bed, pillowcases etc... Also if you are not retreating 7-10 days after the last treatment some of the eggs may have been left behind and then hatched to re-infest..

All good advice. Be sure to wash everything in hot water. You should also have him blow his hair really dry whenever wet and/or after treatment. If he is involved in sports that use helmets make surehgts his own versu swapping every game. Tell him not to let his friends weare his hats either. Sometimes the kids jut paas it back and forth.

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You need to be really vigilant about rechecking every few days. Also, if your little brother is little enough to be in elementary school, you (or your parents) might need to talk to him about not sharing hats, jackets, etc, with other kids. There was a really bad lice infestation at my son's school last year, and it took most of the school year to get rid of it -- I think, at least partly, because the kids keep re-infesting each other.

Good luck!

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We can't provide med referral. You might consult with his medical provider.

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