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Advice to become RN sooner rather than later!

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I'm unloading a lot, so brace yourself.

I'm working towards getting my BSN, and would love to start and finish my education in one school (Preq's including). What are good questions to ask the financial advisor? I'm fearful I won't qualify for FASFA or grants, and have no clue how to pursue student loans.

My goal is to become an RN working in a Children's hospital possibly in a specialized field. Unfortunately I am SO intimidated by "getting on the right path". I don't know where to begin. Everyone around me says to "just jump in" and to begin at the bottom..

So here I am.

I have good advice from several nurses to start as a Medical Assistant. After researching some schools I am wondering. Is a Medical Assistant Diploma the same or different than a Certified Medical Assistant? Is a Certified Medical Assistant certified through the state/county/city?

I've narrowed it down to two schools with the Medical Assistant program.

After completing one program I will receive:

Preparation and eligibility "for CMA and RMA certification. With successful completion of these two certifications, you can find national recognition as a Certified Medical Assistant."

This program leaves me feeling like I'm paying $20,000 for nothing is that right?


The other Program where I will receive 3 Certifications:

a. National Certified Medical Assistant

b. Certified Phlebotomy Technician License

c. National Certified EKG Technician

..Both programs are 9 months, but the cheaper one by half is where I will get 3 certifications. Some nurses/advisors have said these certifications (State/ National/ Professional) are the same. Is this true?

I have called & talked to advisors at both schools. I see which is a better school, but I am wondering why there is a huge price difference. Should I be worried that the cheaper school is going to cut corners in order to fit 3 certifications? Or is that the reason the cheaper school is better?

I would appreciate all the help I can get.



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Personally, while I see why those programs would be helpful, aside from some knowledge, and some skills, and learning some patient care, I don't think they are necessary unless your school requires it?

Mine does not. I would not waste money on a license you won't need as a nurse, and on skills you will learn in nursing school..but that's just my opinion.


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I agree with Katie. I had a advisor tell me that I should take the Medical Assistant program first and then transfer all my credits into the nursing program when I'm ready to start the program. Medical Assistants are their own category and nothing like a nurse. The only classes I could use where the medical terminology and my math class. Unless that is what career you want and then work on your classes to become an RN, I wouldn't waste time or money. Which I did both and I regret taking all those classes and wasting all that time and money. I could have been a nurse by now if I would have just taken the general courses. I'm a CNA and I learned the EKG from my job. They have education classes you take and then you are certified through the hospital. I would recommend taking a CNA course because you work directly with the nurses, doctors and most importantly the patients. Just my opinion but good luck with your decision! :D

I know you don't want to hear it, but that's what I did. I jumped right in. I moved to a city I knew nothing about last fall and enrolled in the technical college there. I did that based on the fact that my friend went to school there and has been an RN for five years now. Great school come to find out later, I'm happy with it so far, half way through my second semester of generals.

Another friend I have became a Medical Assistant and is not happy at all. She can not find a job, she is not a CMA, and owes about $18,000. I would also recomment becoming a CNA. I'm trying to get a test date for the state test right now!

Thank you. Neither school requires it. I am only trying to weigh my options & like you mentioned not waste money.

Please don't put yourself 20,000$ in debt to be a medical assistance. Just jump right into nursing anf if you want a healthcare job become a nurse's aid. In my area they make the same amount of money. Find out what you need to apply for an rn program and go for it!