School with kids?

  1. My situation:
    I was premed in college (BA Anthropology) then went to film school to become a screenwriter. Hacked away at that for a long time, then got married and had two kids, now Hollywood is just not for me. (I'm turning towards fiction/book writing as a side activity.). I also teach private yoga and meditation classes currently which fits with my schedule as a full time mom.

    But, I'm looking at the long term, and I'm also working on prerequisites for the pre-licensure BSN @ WGU (hopefully), and just need A & P 1 and 2 and microbiology, and the TEAS test. I just turned 39. I'm REALLY nervous about getting through school with two kids. I really love being a very hands on mom (ages 5 and 2). I can see myself being fulfilled by an advanced practice nursing career, but I'm feeling really daunted about getting there. I would want to go straight through to an NP program (I know there is controversy about this by I think at my age I should just get the full degree). I'm just daunted I guess by so many warnings about how hard school and clinical is, that I don't see how to do it with kids...
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  3. by   BostonFNP
    It is a significant investment and sacrifice.
  4. by   Cococure
    Why do you want to be an NP? Or why nursing for that matter? Have you shadowed some NP's in various settings? Doing this would give you a good idea about the expectations of the job. I too have two small ones but I understand the requirements of being a NP. Working part time and a new grad may or may not happen so I know that Monday to Friday is probably going to be my work schedule. I have been a nurse for a few years so I am over the long shifts, holidays and weekends. This is a major investment of time and money so speak with as many NP's as you can to get a better idea of what the job entails.

    Good luck and all the best
  5. by   core0
    I'll just point out another reason that going part time as a new grad is a bad idea. New grads need time to master their new environment. That time is prolonged when you are part time. Due to lack of continuity and repetition mastery may never be achieved. It might be appropriate with three to five years experience but not when you are a new grad.