Nursing Certs as APRN

  1. Does anyone maintain their nursing certifications as an NP? For example, I have my CEN, CPEN, TNCC, ENPC which are all nursing specific... should I bother to renew these now that I'm an NP?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I kept all my certs and have been an APRN for 12 years. You just never know what might happen
  4. by   Dodongo
    I let my CCRN lapse. I'm an ACNP. What's a RN certification in critical care going to do for me as an APRN trained in critical care? The ACNP trumps the CCRN, so it's unnecessary. I keep my CNOR/RNFA because it's an additional area of training that was not covered in my ACNP program.

    In my experience, physicians (who are often the ones doing the hiring of NPs) do not care about nursing certifications (my RNFA training being an exception for reasons already specified), and they don't know/care what they are for or how you got them. You are not doing nursing tasks any longer, and they don't care that you have nursing knowledge.
  5. by   OllieW
    I went through the questions keeping or dropping my certs last year. I spoke with co-workers and decided it was not worth keeping up. I was somewhat proud of them when I worked as a nurse and would use the CCRN and CEN with title, but it does not seem to fit as an NP. Plus, I got tired of paying the renewals.